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I’ve heard it said that when you allow yourself to become bitter against someone, it’s like you are letting them live rent-free in your head.  He may be miles away, but you can still hear his voice, and his actions […]

“Would you like to downsize those fries?”  It’s not too likely that we will be hearing that from fast food places anytime soon. However, a recent study by scientists at Duke University explored what would happen if a smaller portion […]

I stopped in front of a storefront at the mall. “Oh, look!” I said. “They’ve put in one of those ice cream places we’ve seen advertised.  Let’s try it.” “I’ll get you something if you want,” my naturally-thin husband, Paul, […]

Mom always told you to slow down, take smaller bites, and chew your food.  Now there is a “smart” device to make you do just that. It started with a woman who has a physical condition that causes growths on […]

A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other.  Anonymous Making resolutions is easy. Keeping them sometimes seem hopeless.  But it’s not impossible!  You can reach your goals, if you do some preparation ahead […]

Don’t make lingering goodbyes.  We’ve talked about that before, but this is the season of “goodbyes” to goodies.  People say, “I’m going to start a diet the first of the year, so today I’ll eat fudge.  This is my last […]

We think of them as the enemy — and we jump with glee at the thought of any diet plan that doesn’t require us to count them.  Those pesky calories. The good news is that on a low glycemic eating […]

How do you feel when you start a weight loss plan? I always felt angry.  I would think about the people who were not satisfied with me as I was and, yes, I resented them!  It just wasn’t fair that […]

Sometimes you gain weight when you lose sleep.  Will sleeping more help you drop the pounds? Maybe.  First there is the relationship between the hunger hormone ghrelin and the fullness hormone leptin that we looked at yesterday.  When you are […]

I know, I know.  Nobody wants to talk about calories.  We’ve come to think of them like ants — annoying little things that won’t stay out of our lives. We would like to put out a “calorie hotel” and rid […]