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I have a new favorite!  I didn’t know about it when I did the original series about sugar substitutes, but thought this would be a good time to introduce it.  It’s called Just Like Sugar — and I have not […]

Don’t be discouraged!  We’ve been looking at sugar alternatives and have found many that are dangerous or even deadly.  There are still plenty of options left for us, though. One of these is Xylitol. Xylitol is found in many fruits, […]

Eating healthy was hard enough when you just had to avoid chemicals.  Now bad-for-you stuff is sneaking into the stores masquerading as natural and healthy. I was delighted to discover agave nectar. The very name sounds healthy.  Agave is the […]

We’ve talked about bad-for-you sweeteners and some that aren’t so bad, but still have calories.  What about zero calorie sweeteners?  Yes, there are some.  One of the most popular is Stevia. Stevia is a natural product made from the leaves […]