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An apple a day may keep the calories at bay.  This budget-friendly fruit has some unexpected weight loss, as well as health, benefits.  A recent study showed that when the participants ate one medium-sized apple approximately 15 minutes before a meal, they naturally ate less for their meal.  Their caloric intake at that meal decreased by an average of 15%.

Even better news is that apples help prevent spikes in blood sugar.  High levels of  blood sugar triggers the pancreas to dump out lots of insulin, and insulin gives the message to “store fat” to the cells, so that news is significant for those on a journey to a healthier weight.

So, how do they do that?  Scientists always thought the answer lies in their fiber.  However, while they are a good source of fiber, they are not one of the best.  Researchers  now think it is the phytonutrients in the apples that do the trick.  Flavonoids like quercetin inhibit the enzymes that break complex carbohydrates down into simple sugars.  Fewer simple sugars mean less in the bloodstream for your body to cope with.

Diabetics will want to know that other phytonutrients in apples stimulate the insulin receptors in your cells, so that the sugar can get into the cells instead of floating free in the blood where it damages your organs.

It’s the whole, raw apple that gives the benefits.  Applesauce and apple juice didn’t fare nearly so well in the tests.  I don’t believe they tested apple pie….

So you can add apples to your grocery list of good-for-you foods that won’t break your budget.

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown


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