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Nearly one-third of people caring for terminally ill loved ones suffer from depression according to research from Yale University. About one in four family caregivers meet the clinical criteria of anxiety. And a recent study found that 41 percent of […]

Does everyone have a guardian angel? Mike Leach, author of “Why Stay Catholic? Unexpected Answers to a Life-Changing Question” thinks so. This is one of my favorite sections of his book. “Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings […]

Do you ever get stuck in your own gloomy thoughts? Catholic parenting expert Tom McGrath suggests looking through the eyes of a child. If you do, he says, you’ll see that light shines through darkness and that joy is yours to […]

This Mother’s Day – Sunday, May 8, 2011 – the 3rd annual Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health will be held online, featuring 24 open letters to pregnant and new mothers on the importance of maternal mental health. All […]

It’s supposed to be the most exciting time of your life … and everyone is telling you how lucky you are to have a beautiful baby, but all you can do is cry. You’re pretty sure none of your new-mom […]

I’m getting ready for Mother’s Day! They are activists, humorists, Holocaust survivers, writers, first ladies, and missionaries. But first and foremost, they are moms. And, in my opinion, some of the best. As a relatively new mom, I could learn […]

Two years ago I asked prominent psychiatrist and bestselling author Peter Kramer to endorse my manuscript, Beyond Blue. I have been thinking about his response ever since. He told me that he no longer blurbs books, because to blurb a […]

Back in the mid-twentieth century, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross identified the five stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance—and they stuck. Heck, I just wrote about them last month. According to Susan Berger, researcher and practitioner in the health and mental […]

Below, I have reprinted a fascinating article by James Potash, associate professor of psychiatry and co-director of the Mood Disorders Program (where I graduated with the help of Dr. Smith) at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. More […]

Divorce is the second most stressful life event, preceded only by the death of a spouse. And what is stress is capable of? Expediting a severe bout of depression and anxiety to your limbic system (the brain’s emotional center) if […]