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On All Saints Day: 7 Patron Saints for Healing and Comfort

Thomas Craughwell has compiled a beautiful gallery of seven patron saints for healing and comfort. You can get to it by clicking here. I’ve included the first three.


St. Anne: Patron Saint of Infertility

According to a second-century apocryphal work called The Protoevangelium of James, Anne lived with her husband Joachim for many years without bearing a child. But at long last God sent an angel to announce to Anne that she would become pregnant and give birth to a daughter. The angel also promised Anne that her child would be spoken of around the world. “Now I know the Lord God has blessed me exceedingly,” Anne said to Joachim. “I, the childless, shall conceive.” Anne and Joachim’s daughter was, of course, the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Since St. Anne is the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus, Christians have always believed that her prayers must have great influence in heaven. Devotion to St. Anne is especially strong among women who long for children but have a hard time becoming pregnant.

St. Juliana: The Patron Saint of Chronic Illness

Juliana Falconieri grew up among saints. Her uncle, St. Alexis Falconieri, was one of the seven founders of the Servite order. The priest who taught her as a child and acted as her spiritual director was St. Philip Benizi, one of the early superiors of the Servites. Inspired by the holiness around her, Juliana decided to affiliate herself with the Servites as a nun. Juliana added works of charity to the Servite way of life by going out into the streets of Florence to help the sick, the helpless, and the abandoned.


Because of her own struggle with sickness, St. Juliana became the patron of people suffering from any type of chronic illness. During the last years of her life, she was plagued by an undiagnosed stomach ailment. Eventually the illness proved fatal. As she lay dying, she was seized by such a severe bout of vomiting that the attendant priest deemed her unable to receive Holy Communion. Instead, at Juliana’s request, he covered her chest with a corporal (a linen cloth) and laid the consecrated host over her heart. According to the story, the Eucharist vanished a few moments later.

St. Peregrine: The Patron Saint of Cancer

Peregrine Laziosi’s conversion came about in the middle of a street brawl. He was one of the young hotheads of Forli, an Italian town that had sided with the holy Roman emperor in his power struggle with the Pope. The priest St. Philip Benizi was dispatched to urge the Forlians to come back to the Church. Peregrine Laziosi charged across the piazza, grabbed the front of St. Philip’s religious habit, and struck him hard across the face. In response Philip turned the other cheek, waiting for another blow. Faced with such perfect Christ-like meekness, Peregrine’s rage turned to shame. He joined St. Philip’s religious order and became a Servite priest.


For many years Peregrine suffered from an acute pain in his right leg. It was eventually found to be cancer. In a last-ditch effort to save the priest’s life, the physician planned to amputate. The night before surgery, the suffering Peregrine dragged himself to the life-size crucifix that hung in the monastery. He sat at the foot of the cross and prayed until he fell asleep, dreaming of Christ climbing down from the cross and touching his cancerous limb. When he awoke, the wound on his knee had healed and not a trace of the cancer remained.

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  • Your Name

    How did you forget St Dymphna? She is the patron saint of the nervous and emotionally disturbed – and all illness concerning the Head – my fellow Brain Tumor Survivors know her all too well (we ARE depressed!), she is OUR SAINT!! Here is a quick story of her life: She was the only child of a 7th Century pagan king, after her Mother’s death, she was the object of her father’s illicit love. In turn he tried flattery, pleading, promises, treats – all in vain. For Safety’s sake, St Dymphna, who was a Christian, left with her priest-confessor, the court jester and his wife. Spies found the four at Gheel, Belgium. Promptly informed, the King went to Gheel, there to deprive his daughter of moral support, he order the priest, Gerebern, to be killed. Faced with Dymphna’s continuing resistance, he order his men to kill her. When they refused, he drew his sword and beheaded the 15 year old girl. He is believed to have done it because of the deep emotional turmoil into which his wife’s death had plunged him. St Dymphna and St Gerebern are venerated annually on May 15th.

  • Kathleen Smith

    Please help me with my anxiety and depression. Too many worries and problems have caused this.Pray for me

  • diamontina

    societies president extinctions running issue impact beginning

  • Nancy

    St.Dymphna is my new best friend! I ordered a metal at the Shrine of St Dymphna site and made a crystal beaded bracelet with my St Dymphna metal on it so she’s right there on my wrist at all times. I also do the novena to her and say a beautiful prayer that came with the metal, everyday. I truly believe she is helping me!

  • Barbara Coppock

    Please pray for me. I have been depressed ever since my husband died last October 11th. Over a year ago.

  • Lester R

    need prayers & belief for financial assistance


    Pray for My daughter to keep her strong and free from drugs. and pray for me to keep my truck.

  • nina

    i will keep you all in my paryers and thoughts the angels will be there for you and to helps you too take care lots of angels blessing

  • ron

    You pray to dead people? Praying to god works much better


    My only son’s girlfriend is expecting a baby girl. My first granddaughter. I myself was a single parent with two children not an
    easy JOB But at least I always had a JOB> NOT my son, who’s been un-employed over one year….I’m concern because of the baby…who would need so much and love I can supply I’m humble worked hard and now,
    it’s hurting me that within 4 months this child will be born and
    her daddy is not working to help with the necessities. I’m very close
    to retirement and also promised my sister to help her since she has
    many illments what can I do now when I found out of the child. I help
    my sister with money and now the baby too. I’m very stressed and want
    the best for all. I cry and I am too on medication for bipolar as the
    dr.has me taken medication for that and high blood pressure.
    please I do pray every day and I am a steward and help others too.
    with your prayers I hope my life will be smoothly as it goes on.

  • Rob

    Barbara, Lester, and Barbara I will pray for you. Help is on the way my friends.

  • Joy

    Ron: We DO pray to God. We ask the saints, who are especially close to God, to intercede for us. We don’t need anti-Catholic or anti-anything remarks. What we ALL need is lots of prayer.
    Barbara, Nina and Rob: Praying for your requests. May God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and all the angels and saints bless and keep you.


    I have prayed to our lord god every night for help with my illness.I don’t know if he has answered my prayers or not as iam still having the same symptoms.Maybe this is his way of testing my loyalty to him.Reguardless if he answers me or not i willalways put him first in my life.

  • Dave

    There are saints on earth too, Let them pray in agreement, where two or more gathered there He is in the midst. When we pray we have an Intercessor ( JESUS ). Not dead people in heaven. Quit listening to the Catholic Church and doctrines of men.

  • DNWnnr

    Dave, your the one who doesn’t understand. YOu wouldn’t have a bible if wasn’t for the Catholic church. the protatants agree on nothing, your all a mass of confusion on EVERYTHING from the trinity to baptism to creation. All protastants practice man’s tradition. Because all protastant churchesssssss can all be traced to a man and his teaching – not Gods. I dare you to read the early Church fathers. The one’s listed in the Bible. Polycarp, Barnabas and their followers, Iranaus, St Justin. These people walked with the Apostles, and their all Catholic (There writings exist even before the death of the last apostle! Some of their books were in the first bible the “Codex”. Read it. What part of the Bible isn’t inspired? The table of content. The Catholic Church decided what books that -YOU acccept as inspired would be in the bible. Else you would have – Nothing.

  • John

    DNWnnr – how can you say all protestant churches can be traced to a man and his teaching – as if to say they have no basis on Scripture? Nearly all evangelicals believe solely in the authority of the Bible and therefore are not based on a man but on the Scriptures and solely on them. (note: cannot the same be said of all Christianity – I mean, Paul, Peter, John, Mark, Luke were all men no?)
    Those documents within the Bible have been deemed canonical since the days they were written, no one in the first century onward needed a council of men to tell them which was canonical and which were not – it was understood well before that.
    And note that most Protestants believe in most Catholic doctrine – yes there are differences, but the core of Christianity is found in the core of most spectrum of believers. And please don’t bring up Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses or Unitarians – I think we can all agree those are not in the mainstream of Christian theology.
    This is the second time I’ve seen your comments in these blogs and your hatred towards other non-Catholic Christians drips from your words. You really are the personification of what a lot of people dislike about religious fanatics.
    You should really take heed of St. Peter’s words when answering people’s comments/objections towards your faith when he says:
    “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect”
    You have the first part down pat, you really need to work on the second part.

  • John

    BTW: the same rebuke goes out to Dave and some others on here – the vitriol I see directed towards the Catholic Church is uncalled for – I direct you also to Peter’s words.

  • DnWnnr

    John-Nothing I said is False, nor-do I hate prots, as I was one. You attempt at calling my words hate is the same as as Obama’s calling tea-party member’s racist. For What part was hate? Every protastant church can be traced to a start-Date of one or more men in the last 500 years and many believe in the scisms of the past. The protastant churchessss are a mass of confusion with NO common ground between them (even in their same pews.) Prove this common ground! Baptism – nope, Trinity – Nope, Jesus as God – Nope, Eucharest – Nope.
    BTW- who are you to draw the line on christanity? The J.Ws, mormons and unitarians according to your protastant teaching – sola scriptura, sola faith, they have as much right as you.
    As far as Sola Scriptura (belief that the Bible is the Sole rule of Faith) is NOT taught in the Bible and you better study history, other writings where in the “Codex” Bible (160AD) (biblical named people such as: Polycarp’s , Barnabas’s writings as well as books like the Diadach, and the Shepard). All were considered inspired why don’t you read those in your church service today, ditto with the Gnostic books. Hebrews and revelations were contested along with many of the Apistles. NO, you DID need a meeting of an authority – the CATHOLIC church in 350 AD to figure out over the next 70 years what books would and would NOT be in the Bible. Now go cleanup your backyard and prove what the essientals are that ALL protastants believe in. There are NONE. Fact, not hate.

  • John

    DnWnnr-The fact that you label Unitarians/Mormons/JW as part of the same “protestant movement” along with the more mainstream theologies shows that you are taking it way too far and I therefore take what you say with a grain of salt.
    It sounds to me (based on things like you saying the concept of the Trinity is misunderstood) like you are lumping unitarians/JW in with everyone else. That seems silly to me.
    Many people I know (including me) examine doctrinal claims, research the scriptures and other works and make my decisions based on that. Based on facts, I think we can eliminate the radical elements as followers of true Christianity as practiced by the ancient church of the 1st century and thereafter.
    I know of no mainstream Protestant theology that accepts the gnostic documents or condones a unitarian position (again, can we agree that JW and Mormons are very very far away from mainstream Christianity? Mainstream as I define it as having been rooted in first century’s inspired apostolic documents AND has sound theology behind it… that is, doesn’t take one or two scripture verses out of context and roots core doctrine in them).
    So for you to say “clean up your own backyards” makes no sense – I feel no need to “clean up” the backyards of Jehovah’s Witnesses or Unitarians – they are on their own. I don’t believe in their beliefs, I am not responsible for what they espouse and have nothing to do with them – thus “cleaning up their backyards” is not my responsibility. In other words, don’t lump me (and everyone else not espousing to that worldview) with them.
    As for the rest, doctrine of baptism, creation and others – I can read scripture myself, read others interpretations of it and determine for myself what they mean. I read unitarians positions and I read more mainstream trinity apologetics and made up my mind – I didn’t need an authority to tell me that the Trinity is the correct interpretation.
    Another example – salvation – is it through grace or through grace&works. I won’t bother asking you to define what the Catholics believe (I actually don’t have a full grasp of Catholic belief of salvation, and would be interested in learning more about what Catholics believe in this regard so I can make a more informed decision, but you don’t seem like a person who I want to get into a deep theological discussion about such things – you are too condescending). However, based on what I read in scripture and how others explain their interpretation, I believe in salvation by grace (i.e. you aren’t saved by good works, and you aren’t condemned if you aren’t a member of the RCC). Now, if Catholics have a sound theology behind their belief in salvation that makes sense and is root in sound scriptural doctrine, I would consider it. Its too bad so many Catholics take a negative tone when people ask questions of their beliefs. You should be GLAD and EXCITED to explain your positions! Don’t denigrate the people you are talking to by saying essentially we are stupid and that we should clean up our own backyards before engaging in a dialogue – especially when my neighbors’ backyards, as messy as they are, have nothing to do with me.
    But I suspect in the end, most Protestants would be far more inline with Catholic teachings than you’d think (and vice versa) – and I would hazard to guess that even more would be in line with CORE Catholic doctrine (that is, that Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through” him). In the end, I believe that no matter what someone thinks about substitutionary atonement, whether or not the bread & wine really turns into the true body and blood of Christ, et. al. – it doesn’t matter. C.S. Lewis has a good point in “Mere Christianity” (he was talking specifically about Christ’ death and atonement but I think it fits generally) –
    “Christians would not all agree as to how important those theories are. … But I think they will all agree that the thing itself is infinitely more important than any explanations that theologians have produced. … In my view the theories are not themselves the thing you are asked to accept. … A man can accept what Christ has done without knowing how it works … We are told that Christ was killed for us, that His death has washed out our sins, and that by dying He disabled death itself. That is the formula. That is Christianity. That is what has to be believed. Any theories we build up …are, in my view, quite secondary.”

  • dnwnnr

    1st Dave wasn’t asking about Catholic teaching, he was only attacking. 2nd you didn’t ask either but you did personally attack me by labeling me a religous fanatic and all of that from a paragraph of knowledge.
    You say main stream protastant teaching is based on sound theology from the 1st century? Historically I only see one church who follows the 1st century.
    The Luthern church does not even follow Luther’s teaching from 500 years ago and the Luthern church has split on theology? The Anglican church has done the same, ditto with the baptist and the methodist.
    All denominations taught the same theology on contraception before 1930. In 1930 the pentacostle church broke with this teaching on contraception and the others fell like dominos. The Pope at the time said: This is a bad thing, it will lead to women being treated like objects, devorce, abortion and the breakdown of marriage. Take a look at todays treatment, marrage. It all came true.
    These things matter as they all lead to the watering down of Christianity, confusion an a lost people.
    As for CAtholic Teaching on Scripture why here? Watch/Listen to EWTN, Catholic Radio and Goto EWTN and Catholic Answers websites, join their forum, they have apologists that will answer your questions, checkout the theological writings from convert apologists like: Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, and Steve Ray. Read the early church fathers like Polycarp, Barnabas (both in the Bible), Clement, Justin Martr, Ignatius of antioch to see what their theology was like as they all lived in the 1st century and most with the apostles. Read the Shephard, Diadache writings that existed before many of the books of the Bible. YOu can debate biblical passages all day and get nowhere. But the early church fathers are very clear and they walked with the apostles for up to 40years before the last apostle fell asleep.

  • Robert

    I like what John has to say. I know the Vatican II scriptures, I have been a practicing Catholic, and have much ecumencial experience from shared worship and dialogue. I will tell you this? much of what passes for catholic teaching on EWTN does not have much to do with the intent of the framers or the Second Vatican Council. And, frankly, some of it is heresy.

  • dnwnnr

    Robert-(you say your Catholic, I don’t know thats true) and you watch EWTN and they teach Heresy? Thats an easy statement to make, but where’s the proof. Frankly EWTN’s teaching isn’t that deep, nor is it meant to be. Also, who gets to decide what’s heresy? You? I haven’t seen the vatican come down on EWTN. But, I have seen them come down on American priests, nuns who have strayed far from the Faith. The fact is the Second Vatican Council was taken why out of context by many priests/bishops after it came out with the hope the vatican would allow women priests, married priests, openly gay marriages, contraception, and abortion. These same bishops and priests allowed the teaching of the faith to become a confusing mess which lead to many Catholics leaving and the scandals of late 90s and 2000. The Vatican is finally cleaning up the mockery made of the Second Vatican Council. Much to the dislike of many American Catholics. I ask you to prove your heresy claim and the authorities who say its so.

  • dnwnnr

    Robert – Where’s the vatican calling EWTN teachings Heresy, all I see is a fringe group called “mostholyfamilymonastery” who think both the vatican, vatican II and EWTN is all in heresy. So what your saying is the Gates of Hell did prevail against the chruch. Have you read their website? You have got to be kidding me! If you believe them, then you believe all protastants are going to hell (They promote no salvation outside the chruch) and that isn’t what EWTN or the vatican has ever taught. I was born a protastant, fell in love with Jesus a protastant, saved as a protastant and seeked a deeper meaningful relationship with Jesus. I asked: Does God exist? Came up with Yes. Which religion does he work the strongest through-Christianty, which one and I came up with Catholics. I believe God decides who will be in heaven or hell and that I can be resonably assured I will go to heaven (not guaranteed).

  • sandra

    For Dave, John and Dnwnnr,
    If one of you is, or the other one is, or all of you are right as you expound with great knowledge and some animosity, how is that helping the people who have looked to this site for encouragement, support and understanding?
    Having read your comments, everyone recognizes that you are full of facts and strong convictions. Who did you help?
    If someone chooses to ask the saints to intercede, or prays directily to God, or Buddha, Mohammed or the their own front door step, how did it become your business?

  • Kristian

    (John 16:25-28 ESV)
    [25 ] “I have said these things to you in figures of speech. The hour is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figures of speech but will tell you plainly about the Father.
    [26 ] In that day you will ask in my name, and I do not say to you that I will ask the Father on your behalf; [27 ] for the Father himself loves you, because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God. [28 ] I came from the Father and have come into the world, and now I am leaving the world and going to the Father.”

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