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(This dog is my brain, needing obedience class.)   I suppose a perk of feeling bad is that I can generate material that will speak to those of you who are really struggling right now. As much as I hate […]

Margarita Tartakovsky of Psychcentral always has interesting blogs on the topic of eating disorders. In her post, “The Voice of an Easting Disorder and 7 Ways to Shut It Up,” she offers wonderful techniques for folks with disordered eating to […]

I sometimes wish I didn’t have fodder for this blog, that I could graduate to writing a Happiness Project like Gretchen Rubin, and give you tips that could increase your happiness level. Alas, after weekends like last, I know that […]

The website ShareWIK has done an incredible job of educating people about addictions to internet pornography among teenagers. It’s an issue that I haven’t featured on Beyond Blue, probably because my kids are 6 and 8, and I’d rather not […]

Nami’s FaithNet included a great article about faith and mental illness in the African American community. I have wanted to address this for awhile, because I have noticed the thick stigma associated with mood disorders among my African American friends, […]

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Bruce Cohen, M.D., Ph.D, who is Director of the Harvard University McLean Psychiatric Hospital and Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He is also the coauthor, with Chelsea Lowe, of the recently […]

James Bishop over at Finding Optimism continues to publish high-quality writing from a variety of mental-health bloggers. I especially likes this featured piece by a writer named Kathryn. You can get to the original blog, “Loving Someone with Bipolar,” by […]

About once a year I discover a workbook that allows me to put all the steps that I learn in therapy into practice. I’ve mentioned in past blogs David Burns’s “10 Days to Self-Esteem,” and how the exercises in that […]

Here is a nice gallery compiled by Beliefnet editors to help readers find comfort and hope in Bible verses….   Anyone can face moments of loneliness–times when you long for companionship or when you want to be seen, to be […]

In her new paperback, “An Altar in the World,” bestselling author Barbara Brown Taylor writes: Popular religion focuses so hard on spiritual success that most of us do not know the first thing about the spiritual fruits of failure. When […]