Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

How Do You Recover from Depression? My 12 Steps to Sanity

In discussion of Stephen Ilardi’s book, “The Depression Cure,” I wanted to offer my my 12 steps to beat depression, as well.

Many comments on the boards lately have asked this question: What did I do to get better, or what would I suggest a person do to get better? 

Well, I’m not sure. I spent much of my deep depression wandering aimlessly, completely lost, not knowing which voices to follow. I acted on everyone’s suggestions. Some worked. Others didn’t.

I compiled the exercises that made me feel better into a personally designed 12-step mental health program, related to but different from the 12-step program practiced by addicts and their kin. They are ways to boost my neurotransmitters into action–getting those lazy bones passing messages from one neuron to the next–and to inspire nerve generation and cell reproduction in the amydgala and hippocampus regions of the brain.


Step One: Find the Right Doctor

Some depressives are lucky enough to find a good psychiatrist in their first visit to a head doctor. I wasn’t one of them. I went through six–and practically gave up on all traditional medicine–before I met the seventh, who was perfect for me: she was conservative with meds (she didn’t try a new antipsychotic every week like doctor number two); well-informed on new developments of treatment; and, using her sharp intuition, treated me as a person (with unique personality traits and philosophies that had to be considered), not as a set of symptoms.

Step Two: Find the Right Cocktail

I wish I could report that my doctor waved her wand once to arrive at the magical prescription that cured me. No, a few different faces (six of them) had to wave the wand 23 times before I felt any magic, or found the right cocktail. But that’s extreme. Most depressives have only had to try a few different medications before feeling huge relief.


Step Three: Exercise!

As a recovering addict, I love any buzz I can get. Working out–any exercise that gets my heart rate over 160 beats per minute (into the cardiovascular zone) does the job. And in a safe way, so I don’t have to cheat on my sobriety. I’m probably as addicted to exercise as I was to booze, but this is one mood-altering activity that doesn’t deteriorate my marriage and my other relationships (with my kids, with myself, and with God).

Some researchers say that exercise acts like antidepressants in increasing the activity of serotonin and/or norepinephrine in your brain; working out releases endorphins and other hormones that reduce pain, induce euphoria, have a calming effect, and combat stress.


Step Four: Eat Well

The more I investigate–both through research and nonscientific experiments with body–the more I realize how my diet affects my mood.

Here are the bad boys: nicotine (although I was only a social smoker, I had to give it up because smoking destroys practically every organ inside your body); caffeine (it’s a drug, which is why I’m addicted to it), alcohol (it made me crazy); white flour and processed food (what you live on when you have preschoolers who won’t touch tofu and spinach); and sugar (oh man, I’m trying, but oh man).

Here are the good guys: protein (eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, fish, chicken, seeds, nuts); complex starches (whole grains, beans, potatoes); vegetables (broccoli, spinach, squash); vitamins (vitamin B-complex, vitamins E and C, and a multivitamin); minerals (magnesium, calcium, and zinc); omega-3 fatty acids.


Step Five: Sleep!

When you give birth to two insomniacs, you have to work extra hard at getting well, because regular sleep is crucial to an effective treatment of depression, and a must for maintaining a stable mood. For a year and a half I’ve kept a mood/sleep journal to track how my zzzzs affects my thoughts. This is what I learned: if I slept less than seven hours, I was prone to mania, and if I slept over nine, I felt more depressed. Alterations in sleep affect circadian rhythms, our internal biological clocks, which govern fluctuations in body temperature and the secretion of several hormones.

Step Six: Light Up


Changes in the amounts of daylight a person gets also alters circadian rhythms, which is why light treatment is so effective, especially for those who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). If I can’t get outside for at least a half hour a day, I try to sit under my mammoth HappyLite, a lamp with 10,000 lux.

Step Seven: Support and Friendships

I used to be a loyal support-group kind of girl. But since I’ve had kids, getting to meetings is much more difficult. So I’ve found my support in other ways–in phone calls and e-mails and visits to friends and relatives who also suffer from depression or bipolar disorder. That lifeline kept me alive during my suicidal days, and continues to empower me every single day.


During the darker days of my depression last year, I walked around with six phone numbers in my pocket. So to not wear out any one friend or relative, I’d call two people a day, and rotate the numbers. I spent hours on the phone and writing e-mails and visiting friends because I needed constant support.

Step Eight: Get Involved

Positive psychologists like University of Pennsylvania’s Martin Seligman and Dan Baker, Ph.D., director of the Life Enhancement Program at Canyon Ranch, believe a sense of purpose–committing oneself to a noble mission–and acts of altruism are strong antidotes to depression. With two small children to feed and bath, I can only save the world at one very small step at a time. However, my ministry of the day–educating people on mental health–fulfills me in a way that combats some of the blues. Moreover, finding a way to creatively express myself–another piece of the happiness puzzle–has saved me from a meltdown on more than one occasion.


Step Nine: A Gratitude Journal

Based on her research findings, University of California psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky believes that keeping a gratitude journal–taking the time to consciously count your blessings–is one of the most effective happiness boosters. According to psychologist Robert Emmons at the University of California at Davis, gratitude exercises improves physical health, as well–including raising energy levels and relieving pain.

Step Ten: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Personal Therapy

In addition to seeing a shrink for personal therapy, I’ve benefited immensely from cognitive-behavioral work I do on my own. Especially helpful was “Ten Days to Self-Esteem” by David D. Burns, M.D. (even though it took me eleven days…plus a few more). He lists ten ways of distorted thinking, which I began to identify in my thoughts throughout the day, and fifteen techniques to untwist the distortions. For example, if I think, “I fail at everything,” I can use the “Examine the Evidence” method to recall some things (like eating) at which I excel.


Step Eleven: Prayer and Meditation

Sometimes it’s easier than other times. And I do it in many forms–as mantras (“Jesus, be with me!”) during my run, or a quiet ten minutes in my walk-in bedroom closet with a lit candle and a Bible verse, or singing “Alleluia!” with a congregation of Catholics at church on Sunday, or meditating in lotus pose at a yoga class, or just as a vague consciousness of the divine presence as I’m folding the laundry.

Step Twelve: Time

When steps one through eleven have failed–and I’ve done everything I can think of but still want to be done with this life–then I simply wait, and let time do what it does best: heal.

To read more Beyond Blue, go to, and to get to Group Beyond Blue, a support group at Beliefnet Community, click here.

  • Terry Olinger

    I personally do not like 12 Step Programs. I say this even tho they were instrumental in saving my life. For the most part, 12 Step ppl are closed minded. They would not admit the possibility that Methadone played a vital part in my recovery. They did not want to hear that ppl treated for alcoholism over 40 years ago with LSD are still sober, LSD of course being a drug=not acceptable.
    I would recommend going to 12 Step groups for a maximum of 2 1/2 years. Then get the hell out and go to other spiritual growth oriented groups that allow and encourage real growth.
    Thanks for letting me post.

  • blanche

    Terry, what they did 40 years ago does not apply now. There are prescription medicines that help with self esteem, bipolar, depression, and substance abuse craving and urges. The 12 steps saved my life also. Get over it.

  • Jeni

    Ah yes, time. I need to remind myself of this often when I have pulled out everything in my arsenal to get better but still feel bad. This to shall pass, and give it over to God.
    Someone at work has a plaque on their wall that I love. It says:
    “Everything works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end.”

  • Your Name

    Thank you, Therese. I need all these things. But because it’s too much to work on at once, I’m going to print it and try to remind myself of them one at a time as I go along.

  • Wendy Aron

    I would also add, cultivate a sense of humor and seek entertainment–books, movies, TV– that makes you laugh.
    Wendy Aron, author of Hide & Seek: How I Laughed at Depression, Conquered My Fears and Found Happiness

  • Your Name

    Thank you Therese….thank you for being you and what you do! I love reading your work,along with comments from other readers, it has helped me tremendously! I do, however, have to ask: how do I really know if I have a depression/anxiety problem? I think I may have this problem, but feel that I may just be an “old fasioned worry wart”. Can you and /or your readers give me some guidance please? Thank you so much! Love, Randy

  • Julie

    My, oh my, dear Blanche. You address Therese as though you’ve known her on a personal level for quite some time. I don’t understand how you could possibly be on such a personal level and have the nerve to end your comment with “Get over it.” As most of us BEYOND BLUE readers know, even with our medicated minds, we truly wish it was that easy. I can only speak for myself and the truth is it takes the original 12 steps, Therese’s 12 steps, my antidepressants, God’s help and blessings to overcome the effects of my clinical depression/anxiety to have a good, productive day. I have one question for you. Have you ever been treated for a mental illness?

  • Rod

    I’m at the end of my rope, literally. I’ve been somewhat depressed for a very long time. As a child, I enjoyed life as much as I could, but always felt like a fish out of water. We were poor, not dirt poor, but I saw my single, divorced mother struggle every month to make ends meet.
    My mother wasn’t in good shape, healthwise. But she raised us until we graduated high school. She never received any respect from her mother or sister. I guess you could call my mother the odd sheep in the bunch. I hesitated using the term “Black Sheep”, because I’m African American.
    Almost 30 years ago, my mother died about a month after my 20th birthday. I didn’t take it well, but perservered. I coped by burying myself in “activities,” such as college and work. Since I wasn’t really a fan of liquor or artificial mood enhancers, filling my time with something was my drug.
    I married someone that I wasn’t in love with, but loved for loving me enough to want to forge a life together. Until that time, I thought of myself as “damaged goods”. That was 25 years ago. That was all for background.
    Today, I’m facing the end of my marriage. The last 10 years has been filled with the death of the family that I grew up with. In that time, my grandmother, aunt, unborn twins, father and my last surviving sister died. While taking care of grandma and the a lot of other things, my business that I started and worked single-handedly failed. My finances hasn’t been the same since. My wife makes most of our income, and has finally told me that she feels stressed and resented me for not bringing in more money. I cannot talk to her, because I’m resenting her too.
    We’re incompatible. I’m too relaxed about a lot of things, and she’s too organized. That’s also a cause of our incompatibility. She’s talked to her “support” group at church, and elicited their help without telling me. She also tells her mother and friends about our problems.
    About 6 or 7 years ago, I started seeing a therapist/psychiatrist and psychologist. The medication that they put me on numbed me, and I felt the world still trampeling on me. Eventually, they cut my medications and the talk therapy started working. Unfortunately, I couldn’t juggle therapy into my schedule when I needed to try to help pay the bills. Needless to say, I haven’t progressed much. I miss a lot of sleep because I feel that I have so much that still needs to be done. And in reality, there still things that I need to play catch up on. There just doesn’t seem like enough time, and checking out seems to be making more sense.

  • kate

    poor Rod,
    I just got out every pill in my drawer, reday to make up a final cocktail & ened up here, reading your sad history. I hope you read this as I recon we’re both feeling about a hopeless as each other about now.
    I saw my 16 year old son off to school last FridaY & THAT WAS THE LAST TIME , UNTILL sUNDAY NIGHT.Monday morning I begrudgingly drove him to school at 7am, so he could go to the snow with his senior school buddies. yesterday afternoon, I picked him up again , only to have him, throw his clothes around the house ina very sad excuse to ‘put things away.’
    After some heated words this morning, I took his crippled puppy down the beach for her two hourly walk, came home to find him back on the computer.I washed the dishes, took the washing off the line & did another load…all this to blind eyes it seems, as when the arguement escalated & I asked him, why he had’nt offered me any help (especially since I am in my third day of swine flu), he told me “did’nt see you”
    Girlfriend just rang & tempted him away again, so after another huge arguement, he’s gone again. I not only feel like I’m better off with him away, but begrudge him coming back here, making my life hell.
    There IS a way out though & it’s becoming more & more of a blessed relief to accept that way. No more deaf ears, no more lonliness, no more heartache, when there’s nobody to understand or care how I feel.
    The old girls who live in my complex, behave like geriatric school girl bullies, standing under my bedroom window, congratulating themselves, in loud voices, on how cruel & rude they are to me, snickering when they see me.
    Why, I’ve never done anything to them but try to be helpful & friendly.
    I have a big family, one sister & four brothers. The only brother that speaks to me does so on a rare occasion, with a phone call that lasts for a few minutes, ending with “I have to go now”, for another three months.
    My eldest brother told me, in a very impatient tone, how busy he was, on his way to work & how he did’nt have time for me. I was ringing to tell him, my beautiful nephew had over- dosed. I rang my only sister on her birthday & chatted for about fifteen minutes a couple of years ago.She passed me to my nephew, who’s birthday is on the same day. I wished him all the best & was then handed back to my sister. I must have said something that surpised her, as she said in a startled tone “WHO THE HELL IS THIS?”
    The last thing my Dad ever said to me, before he died, was “you’re ringing for your sister,you can tell her, I never want to speak to her again”
    That potion sure is looking good. I tried it once when I was a teenager, I only succeeded in making myself very, very sick. I wonder how much it takes to actually work?. Hope things work out for you…….God bless Kate

  • Glenn Slaby

    Very Good. Thanks. Somerthing basic and good to pass on.
    Best and Bless

  • Deanna

    Kate: Please hang in there. You are overwhelmed now, but it will pass. We always have angels around us, so please pray to them to give you the strength you need now to continue to go on. You are important. Since talking to your son isn’t working, try writing him a note telling him how you are feeling. Maybe that will make him see you need support by his helping you out. His age group can be very self-centered. All of us are special in God’s eyes. Keep this in mind-you are overwhelmed right now. Look into some kind of support group-maybe at a local YMCA or a local church. I hope that knowing a stranger cares about you will help you to know you are special. Love and hugs to you.

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  • Cathy

    I am so sorry for all the pain that I read in (all) of your emails. I am grateful for your sharing spirit as it helps me to cope.
    My husband of 33 years left me (destitute) and hurting. He said “Suck it up, it’s just a divorce; there must be some man out there who would want you! I found he had this woman on the side for years, and that explained a lot about his mean spirit and lack of caring. He physically abused me in front of my 11 year old son and then accused me of “making him angry”. I have been a stay at home Mom for 33 years having a small busines son the side for about 16 years. I managed to put aside about $49,000 in savings to make a life for myself and feel safe. Recently my older son stole that life savings from me. When I brought my son to court, my “ex” accused me of trying to “ruin” my son. That is the kind of emotional abuse I have had to endure. I am now STILL not able to find work as I do not have a degree nor unemployment or savings or even medical insurance. My ex left me with debt and no home equity. I am at the end of my rope. I was a good wife, mother and human being. How/why did I end up with nothing????? I am so lost and everything is so hopeless. How does one even begin to start again at 60 years old with nothing??

  • Deanna

    Cathy: You do have skills-whatever you did does count as experience. Were the incurred bills in your ex-husband’s name? If so, they shouldn’t be your responsibility. Verbal and emotional abuse are tough issues to get over. Just remember-nobody deserves to be anybody else’s scapegoat. He did you a favor because he is an insecure person, who can only feel better by belittling others. Try to look into some sort of free support group for abused women. It will help you to see that you are not only in being treated this way. It was his flaws, not yours. There is help available for displaced homemakers, who provide you with work skills and will help you enter the job market. Be strong and believe in yourself. Nobody deserves such treatment. Focus on the positive-you are no longer this creeps punching bag. Good luck to you. My prayers go out to you.

  • jan

    Cathy, My heart goes out to you. I can only imagine how scared you must feel. Please know that there are many Angels out there, that take many forms and they are surrounding you with love and prayers right now. You put all those skills to work for you as you did being a wonderful wife and Mom and before you know it..something will happen. If you do crafts, try selling on it is a sight for crafters. Think before you say, I can’t do anything…YOU CAN! YOU WILL! Take one day at a time…its amazing what time will do for you. The best of wishes go out to you. Hugs too!!!

  • tori

    This song has been a HUGE HEALING “Mantra” for me…….and after I had sung this song at the top of my lungs over and over for many day’s,my throat was raw. I rarely did it without sobbing either.
    I would just sit there and say…. ” I’ll BE OKAY! ”
    One day a few weeks ago when I finally allowed my self some relaxation time, Which as you might know is hard for us self saboteurs of depression.
    I took a float and went to the pool. I can remember this as if it were now, I have this visual recall sometimes that is amazing, But I laid there looking up at the feathery clouds in the sky feeling the light breeze blowing them over my head. No one was around and I began to just continually say OUT LOUD… ” I’LL BE OKAY “!
    A smile came to my face. I just laid there floating freely, and all I could see was a glorious sky that was blessing me.I began to get this secure sense of ” I WILL BE OKAY ” And I actually felt it in my heart. That was an amazing day and the beginning, I feel of those chains being let go.I will be okay!!!!!!!

  • buck baker

    do not really know what this is about, just gonna unload some stuff. my wife left for someone she met in tunica miss. could not get a loan from the bank. brother called my son by my first marriage, had not seen him in35 yr. signed home over to him. he refinanced. paid off wife and old note. stayed there 10 mo. when he told me to leave, he had rented the house to someone for more than i was paying(his bank note). Found apt. for low income people. nothing but stove and frdig. I live off SS. Have furnished it through places like goodwill. bought a car for $100. have more now than most of the people out here. I am truly blessed. better go. thank yall bunches

  • windyblue

    Well I have depression and Friends? No way would I tell my friends or anyone else I suffer from depression and anxiety and panic attacks this is a very personal thing.
    Dr’s ya, find the right one, who can help and give medications.
    And that is just as hard.
    Laugh a bit, lighten up, ya that is easier said than done. But I try.
    I just try to get my mind moving and get it off of what is going on.
    And pray yes I rely on the lord for help all the time in this.

  • Your Name

    Deep depression is very hard to climb out. Therapy, medicine, diet, exercise are the frame work to attempt. Sometimes it feels so deep in your sole that anything you try is just meaningless, but clinging to the rungs of the ladder that Therese suggests are the best ways up. And even all of those sometimes feel worthless, but habit, focus on one of them, doing someting repeatdly to your strength helps to stay focused and give you a sense of accomplishment to help you stay on the ladder to climb out.

  • SuzanneWA

    I was lucky (if you can call being in a clinical depression “lucky”) that I found the “perfect” psychiatrist the first go-round. After listening to my litany of woe, he asked me if I ever considered suicide. I told him I had “thoughts” of it, but would NEVER consider ending my life (that’s GOD’s job). He took me seriously, and prescribed an antidepressant. Within 10 days, I was crawling out of the abyss!
    For someone who NEVER has experienced a DEEP depression, there really is NO way to explain the worthlessness, hopelessness, and energy-less symptoms of it. I was trying to hold down a job and be a landlady in my apartment house. But – all I wanted to do when I got home, was crawl under the covers and read. I don’t even recall IF I even ATE during that period. I agree with Therese, that TIME is REALLY the great “healer” of depression; being patient and taking one day at a time, is truly the “magic pill” to combat depression.

  • Poison

    It’s when you’ve tried all of those things and nothing helps… that’s when things get so much worse. I’m in the situation right now. I’ve tried EVERYTHING there is, time included. I’ve been severely depressed since I was 11 or 12 and mildly/mooderately depressed all of my life. I’m only 21 and I’ve tried all the meds, ECT, exercise, years of different kinds of therapy, spirituality, everything. Everyone has given up except my therapist and he doesn’t know what else to do. I’ve done all the different kinds of programs there are in Australia. I’ve had the best researcher/psychiatrist in depression (Dr Gordon Parker) say there was nothing they could do.
    At the end of my rope. I’m the most proactive patient you will ever meet. But when the whole world gives up, you give up too.
    So what else is there? I’ll do it.

  • chilehead

    I know all about depression, having been so terribly low as to be in a catatonic state, and at different three times back in ’04. This was quite soon after a mixed bipolar episode. Our depression is just like regular ol’ depression, we just have this roller-coaster ride with the added mania.
    The twelve ideas here are what I’m going to do from now on. Not sure how to get cognitive therapy with the VA running my health care. A good friend of mine, who is also bipolar, and I, are starting a DBSA support group here in Calhoun, GA, and these 12 steps are something we will make available for whoever comes.

  • Gypsy

    This insidious disease has been my constant companion for the past 30 years. I went undiagnosed for several years – for one reason, my mother believed that only adults get depressed and I was just a moody teenager – but was finally told by a doctor when I was 29 that I have severe, clinical depression. He put me on tricyclic antidepressants, which REALLY messed with my head and I quit taking a few months later.
    I’ve never had proper medical attention to my depression and have never felt “cured.” Relief has been brief but blessed. I have lost jobs due to depression and apparently am now unemployable. But that also means I have no money (I live on $85/week), no medical care, and no hope. I want to get better but I cannot see the way out by myself, nor can I find the help I need to put my life back together.
    I recently lost my beloved 19-year-old daughter to physician error (she had lymphoma, was about to have a stem cell transplant, got an infection and the hospitalist made the wrong calls), which made things so, so much worse. I’ve been suicidal but my two sons and my husband try to keep me from following my baby girl the best they can. However, all three of them also suffer from varying le4vels of depression and anxiety, so…
    Exercise? I can’t even drag my butt out of bed some days, let alone engage in physical activity. A doc at the local free clinic prescribed Paxil but even at 40mg it doesn’t help. (And if it does, omg, I hate to think what I’d be like without it… dead already, perhaps.) Therapy? Not an option for me as I have no health care options. I am more of a spiritual person than religious, and prayer only serves to make me feel as if no one is listening to my cries for help. Meditation puts me to sleep. (My husband thinks I might be narcoleptic on top of everything else!) My family and I live in poverty and I am SO tired of it, especially when I am a talented, intelligent, capable human; an artist and a writer… but I fail at everything, except for loving my family and friends.
    I want to have a better, happier life. I want to start a music scholarship in my daughter’s name as she was a flutist who believed in music access for everyone, regardless of income level. I want to LIVE again… but I am so lost, so deep in the black hole that depression is, that I don’t even know where to begin.

  • KC

    It is so hard to deal with the constant depression and cycle of self sabatoging negative thoughts. Remember that spending too much time alone is the biggest mistake you can make. Figure out what simple things you enjoy and find beautiful about life. ie. the sun, the sound of water, a special smell, etc. incorporate them into your life as much as possible. Paint your house a cheerful color! Find someone to talk to that is “happy”. Surround yourself with positive things and it starts a purpetual motion forward. If you are in toxic relationships it is time to put yourself first and distance yourself from them. We are not broken! We must have cognative therapy to retrain ourselves and to think rational and realistic thoughts. It is the distortions that get us into so much trouble.
    I too have been depressed for 20+ years and saw three Psychiatrists and four different therapists before finding ones that complimented my personality and challenged my behaviors and thoughts rather than nod and say uh huh,uh huh. My meds are ok for now. I often think that I will always feel some sense of depression, but it is tolerable and I am happy with my progress over the last two years. I have improved my self image and am at about 90%. I am proud of myself. I am definately my own worst enemy if I dont keep busy and eat right.
    Diet is huge because those of us that are depressed usually have lower levels of B vitamins and benefit for a healthy diet. I eat lots of fruits and veggies, and add omega3 and 6 (ground flax seed and nuts to everything), minimal dairy, no corn syrup, whole grains if at all possible. Chocolate makes me irritable.
    Gardening has been my best friend this summer since I am unemployed right now. I can’t believe how much it changes my mood of course the sun helps alot too.
    I hope these suggestions and thoughts help someone out there.

  • findawayout

    I have just found this blog and so far all of the comments seem to be exactly what I have been experiencing. I wish some of you guys were my neighbors because we would have so much in common. It is so weird to be around people who have never experienced “the dark hole.” One thing that really seems to help me is when I have a clear vision of helping someone who is more needy than myself. I looked after a senior citizen for 11 years and even though my contribution was minimal, it always made me feel good when I delivered a meal or shoveled his walk. In my job I help people throughout the day in little ways but wish that I had the education to make more valuable contributions. The only drawback is that when you are helping everyone but yourself, at the end of the day, you are alone with your thoughts again. So I am trying to find a job that incorporates being helpful in a more continous fashion and possibly in a less stressful atmosphere than I am in now. To “Poison:” Please don’t give up. Don’t make that final decision. My cousin just committed suicide because he couldn’t find the help he needed. Our family is grieving for him even though we know he is not suffering anymore. But you would take away the possibility of ever falling in love, being a parent, or making a real difference in other people’s lives. Please don’t give up. Who knows? In another five years there might be a new therapy that works for you. I wish I felt better and could actually feel happy, too. I wish I didn’t want to drown my sorrows in a glass of wine. I just have to lower my expectations, I guess. I have learned to laugh at jokes, but it is so fleeting. But if I can actually laugh, there is still hope that I could actually be happy for more than a minute at a time.

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    I am surprised on the day 16 in August 2011..i type in a question i had in my mind since i was a kid. How to understand what other people said to me..that i have depression!! and how to recover. i found this site and i read it and i definitely understand the symptoms, which i have notice that i got more of the symptoms mention.thanks in this site and more power therese.
    now i am enjoying reading this. i like this so much. This can help to those people who can’t afford to pay a doctors or haven’t money to buy some anti-depressant ( for medication) thanks for letting me post.

  • http://Thankyouandblessyou Helen

    Thanks so much for your beautifully simple site and 12 steps.
    Many I am doing already. But fantastic reminders thank you.
    Several days this week I have struggled to get out of bed, I don’t sleep well and food and alcohol is a bit tricky….My financial situtation is perilous and work my very stressful and unstable…
    I’ve googled a lot on depression… most of it is depressing! But your site reminded me of the positive things I can do…
    Your site will be one thing on my list of things to be greatfull for when I get to bed tonight.
    In love….

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