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Click here to get some perspective on what it’s like to raise a bipolar boy. Man oh man, I guess we all have our problems, but this just put mine into perspective. To read more Beyond Blue, go to, […]

Given that I’ve been discussing my article “9 Ways to Affair Proof Your Marriage” on radio shows this week, I have been reading with interest the comments on the Group Beyond Blue discussion thread, “Ending an Affair,” at Beliefnet Community, […]

Join the stimulating discussion thread, “Ending an Affair,” at Group Beyond Blue on Beliefnet’s social networking site by clicking here.

Jeff Herring, a marriage and family therapist, and an internationally syndicated relationship columnist (Knight-Ridder/Tribune Media Services) identifies ten warning signs of an impending emotional affair: 1) Thinking or saying, “We’re just friends.” If you have caught yourself thinking or saying, […]

When it comes to fashion, I usually run about two years behind. Right as the bell-bottom jeans are no longer in vogue, I decide to buy a pair. But, hey, when it comes to the state of psychiatry and support […]

Among those quoted for CNN’s article, “Your blog can be group therapy,” was Therapy Doc, whom I‘ve interviewed for our “How Do You Move Beyond Blue?” series. The article is worth reading. You can get to it by clicking here. […]

As I mentioned, Beliefnet’s Lilit Marcus forwarded me a response to the CNN article published on Jezebel. com, which discusses the miracle of communication. Of course, we at Beyond Blue, already know this. But it’s a fascinating read regardless. To […]

I’m so used to being the interviewer for my series “How Do You Move Beyond Blue?” that I thought it might be a refreshing change to let someone grill me. I had the honor of being interviewed by Dr. Val […]

I’ve been meaning to post this two-part interview with Dr. Kevin Keough for a long time, and now is as good as any. You’ve heard the Reader’s Digest version last blog post. For those of you who want to know […]

? Beliefnet’s health editor (and my editor) Holly Rossi has pulled together an impressive and comprehensive site called “Living with Depression.” Today I’ll feature a few things from that page, which you can get to by clicking here. The first […]