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In her piece “How to Pray When You’re Depressed,” Kathryn Hermes, F.S.P. offers several ways to pray when you are depressed. To view the gallery, click here. It begins: When you’re depressed, you may discover that the shadows and tempests […]

The page offers the video I made a few months back on getting through the rough spots. Come to think of it, maybe I should watch it again for myself.

? Another feature on “Living with Depression” is my gallery of celebs who are battling depression and the spiritual lessons they afford us. To get to that gallery, click here. It begins: When it comes to depression, I search everywhere […]

Apparently I upset a few folks in my recent video, the interview with Eric and Mr. Guardian Angel, “Being Married to a Manic Depressive,” when I used the term “whackjob” to describe MYSELF. I sincerely apologize for offending anyone by […]

The blog, “We Must Not Think Too Much,” is becoming one of my trusted sources of cool stories about depression and mental illness. I have no idea how she is able to scour all the sources she does. But she’s […]

Group Beyond Blue member Budog started a thread at Group Beyond Blue on Beliefnet Community called “The Humor Thread! Everyone Needs a Good Laugh.” Join the conversation that starts with his post: Laughter is the best medicine… I would rather […]

While we’re on the topic of humor, go check out Ovidia’s post today on “How She Spent Her Nervous Breakdown.” You will get your much-needed daily chuckle. Click here to get there. To read more Beyond Blue, go to, […]

Dear God, Thank you for the Pentecost, for the coming of the Holy Spirit. It is a good time for me to read the message of hope in the Gospel of John (20:19-23): On the evening of that first day […]

I was moved by the following quote from Father Raniero Cantalamessa, O.F.M.Cap, regarding the Holy Spirit: Every time someone has a genuine, strong experience of the Spirit, the most vivid memory of the moment that the person retains is of […]

As I sit down to write my Mother’s Day post, I am filled with both tears and goose bumps. Yesterday at the park I talked to a fellow preschool mom in length about her father, who left for a loaf […]