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Some food is on your side! Yahoo! And not just carrots and raw veggies. I found the following “Psychology Today” article through Revolution Health. It shows the effectiveness of omega-2 fatty acids against depression. My doctor actually told me this […]

Due to technical problems on YouTube, my video is botched up and I haven’t figured out how to fix it. So I’ll save it for next week or the following week. Sorry!!! I know … it’s Wednesday Video day. To […]

My editor, Health editor Holly Rossi (check out her homepage here), leads a group on Beliefnet’s Community called “Foods to Feed the Soul.” Here’s a description: We all have our “comfort foods,” from mashed potatoes to roast chicken to steaming […]

I apologize to all Beyond Blue readers who took offense to my post, “40 Ways to Keep Your Lover.” I should have provided a qualifier that I was merely having fun with Paul Simon’s idea of linking directives to a […]

After reading the newest study on obesity—that the risk for obesity increased 171 percent (that wasn’t a typo!) among persons with obese friends—I realized the wisdom of my moms words when she told my sisters and me in high school […]

Thanks to reader Stephanie who sent me “It Is Better To Be Alone, Than In the Wrong Company” awhile back in an e-mail. It expresses the same wisdom that my mom articulated when she told me to “stick with the […]

Who would have thought friendship would be so difficult once you leave your cozy college campus when you can catch up with friends on the way to class or in the dining hall over a cup of Jo. Now, like […]

“Isn’t personal conversation with girlfriends a good thing?” asks Washington Post Staff Writer Laura Sessions Stepp in a past story, “Enough Talk, Already.” Yes and no. This is what she found out: Social scientists are realizing that while talking may […]

Dear God, I have to be honest. I understood this week’s gospel about as well as I comprehended Sophocles’s “Oedipus Rex” and Aeschylus’s “Prometheus Bound” back in college, so I’m grasping at literary themes much like an engineering major thrown […]

I really like what my friend James from “Finding Optimism” wrote on the message board of my post, “Marriage Is a Discipline,” regarding how to effectively keep his spouse around: My wife and I have been married for 13 years. […]