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I wanted to share Beyond Blue reader Julia’s comment that she wrote on the message board of my post “Dear God: On Getting the Right View” for two reasons: I was taken aback by her beautiful articulation of what it’s […]

Also intriguing was Beyond Blue reader Mary’s comment back on my post “Mother Teresa: My Saint of Darkness and Hope“: I remember once reading in an article that said that people who are depressed have a more realistic picture of […]

Dear God, Man oh man is there is a lot of doom and gloom in Luke’s Gospel reading for today (Luke 21:5-19). I thought I had my anxiety under control until I read the part where Jesus said, “All that […]

Sir Thomas Foxwell Buxton, the British Abolitionist, once wrote that “with ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.” This EVEN applies to those brave souls who go for it, ALL of it, on “American Idol.” In my prior […]

This week for Beyond Blue’s series “How Do You Move Beyond Blue?” I interview a beautiful young woman I met at the BlogHer convention in Chicago. She’s the accomplished, popular chick I told to slow down because she’s on the […]

I think this is my favorite blog post of Rita’s because it addresses that feeling we all encounter … “I’m so blessed … so why am I depressed?” (Hey, that rhymes! blessed and depressed … cool!) I’ve been reframing my […]

I loved this post of Rita’s as well, especially these two paragraphs, arguing that eating disorders are NOT selfish: Eating disorders are selfish, and that’s why it’s so hard for people to be understanding. Outwardly, it seems the afflicted person […]

In her national bestseller “Potatoes Not Prozac,” Kathleen DesMaisons offers a seven-step dietary plan for sugar-sensitive people like me. I’ve tried to implement her suggestions into my diet because, as a recovering drunk and depressive, sugar can throw me into […]

Whenever I hear the words “healthy” and “recipe” together, I get skeptical. It sounds an awful lot like “sweat-less exercise” or “tear-free therapy.” But the “healthy” recipes listed on the Better Homes and Gardens website sounded quite delicious and none […]

Yeah! We’ve made Psych Central’s top-ten list for depression blogs. I’ve included the post below. You’ll see that three of my blogging buddies also made the list: James Bishop of Finding Optimism, Katherine Stone of Postpartum Progress, and Douglas Cootey […]

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