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Our First Thoughts

It’s Thursday! Time to “tune up your ToDo list!”

Now fess up… how are your thoughts doing?

Studies show that the first thoughts we have in any given day influence the rest of the entire day! To become strong business people and those who are able to BE MORE than those who are just struggling through life, it’s important that we, right now, take a conscious effort towards thinking differently, starting with thought number one of each day.

Do you find yourself negotiating with the alarm clock?

One more minute… just seven more times? This can create thoughts of struggle and even feeling like you’re never going to make it. When you feel that thought coming on…. ‘just delay’…. JUMP! MOVE! Get out of bed now! Pretend like a flaming fire is coming out from under the mattress and it’s about to DESTROY your entire day!! MOVE IT!

Then… head to the kitchen. I want you to pour yourself an 8 oz glass of good H20. Drink it down. Enjoy the taste of pure water, your body will love you for it… and so will your brain. Our brain needs water, it needs hydration to operate in tip top shape.

Now, make a choice, that today, nowI will give it my best. Don’t pursue perfectionism, it’s way overrated. Pursue your personal best. Give it your all. Keep a log of all you’re doing. Remember to check your ToDo list as well as your ItsDone list!

Today, change those first thoughts and you’ll change your entire week!

Make it an AMAZING day! icon smile Sandis ToDo List Minute   The FIRST thought of your day

With love,

Sandi Krakowkski


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