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Roger Bannister

They told him it couldn’t be done.

They had an ambulance waiting for him.

They did not expect him to make it, let alone break it.

The four minute mile was broken against every scientific odd, every human expectation. I wonder if when Roger Bannister  crossed the finish line and his legs were screaming and his heart was racing…. did he really experience physical exhaustion or was it the exhaustion of pressing past a lifetime of negative comments that it couldn’t be done that screamed through his body?

Were the legs limp from sheer exhaustion because it was true, that human limbs were not designed to do such feats? Or were they screaming with exhaustion because one man was breaking and making history in under 4 minutes?

His record released a greater record just a month later.

Human expectation controls the outcome of all of life’s happenings. In 1954 a medical student who was not poised to take the trophy, wasn’t primed and targeted as the athlete of choice, broke the record.

Please, do not sacrifice what God tells you to do on the altar of what mere men think is possible.

BREAK the 4 minute mile God is calling you to shatter!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski



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