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A royal wedding seems too solemn to qualify for a “Fun Friday,” plus I only caught a brief glimpse of the recap this morning (stymied by the West Coast time zone and shared hotel room with toddler). For what it’s […]

There’s been some griping among Catholics and anti-monarchy types about the April 29 British wedding of Prince William to Catherine “Kate” Middleton stealing the thunder of Pope John Paul II’s beatification on May 1.  It’s like Princess Diana vs. Mother Teresa, […]

Sorry for the posting delay, but my big fat Greek Easter has a way of slowing productivity. (Insert joke about Greece’s economy here.)  According to GetReligion, I haven’t missed too much faith-related news, though, despite the Jewish and Christian holidays, […]

Holy Wednesday, indeed: there’s so much random faith-related news on this hump day, the only way I can do it justice it to give you a top 5 list: Day of remembrance: 1 year after Gulf oil disaster (AP) Charter […]

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist or anti-Catholic to notice that the Vatican is fast-tracking Pope John Paul II for sainthood. With his beatification ceremony set for May 1, the process is racing along even faster than the […]

Passover begins tonight, and Jews are vigorously debating — what else is new? — the proper way to observe this major holiday, with controversies ranging from the dietary (whether gin, ciabatta and quinoa are kosher-for-Passover) to the literal (how to make the […]

I was going to save these fun Easter-related links for Good Friday, but I’m sure there will be plenty more entertaining religion news by then. Happy Palm Sunday! Check out the Community Christian Church’s take on that infamously awful “Friday” pop song, riffing on […]

As another possible sign of the (May 21?) apocalypse, we now have Soapocalypse: ABC has canceled longtime soap operas “All My Children” (home of Susan Lucci, with notable alums including Kelly Ripa and Christian Slater) and “One Life to Live.”  […]

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the start of  the American Civil War.  (Do they still teach it as the War Between the States or the War of Northern Aggression in southern schools?  Sigh.)  While this 19th century bloodshed wasn’t directly […]

Today marked the beginning of France’s controversial ban on the burqa — not to be confused with the niqab, hijab or chador, as I’ve previously noted here (and CNN reminds us), but rather the clothing that completely hides a Muslim woman’s […]