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A royal wedding seems too solemn to qualify for a “Fun Friday,” plus I only caught a brief glimpse of the recap this morning (stymied by the West Coast time zone and shared hotel room with toddler). For what it’s worth, I predicted Kate would go with that Maid Marian/Shakespearean look (though some are now calling it a throwback to Princess Grace Kelly), when I heard she and Prince William had requested that trees be installed in Westminster Abbey. Lovely!

So, let’s enjoy Stephen Colbert’s fall off the Lent wagon and self-described Catholic bender. (Unfortunately, you can’t embed clips from “The Colbert Report” or “The Daily Show” on the redesigned Beliefnet blogs yet — The Powers That Be are working on it.)

That clip reminded me of my sister falling into a kind of a lamb coma after chowing down at our Easter Sunday feast after having gone  totally meatless this year during Lent. As for me, I was just happy that my toddler managed to sit quietly for most of the midnight service, before we had to hustle out at 11:55 p.m. to join the other sheepish-looking parents and strollers appropriately gathered outside the church. Also, drove everyone home in extremely thick fog WITH burning candles remaining lit. Greek Orthodox superstar!

Happy Easter, and Christos Anesti!

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