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It’s Valentine’s Day: a Christian feast for some, a (happy or dreaded) Hallmark holiday for others.

In addition to the story links provided by today’s Religion News Service daily roundup and a range of lovely links on Beliefnet’s main page, here are five interesting faith-related blog posts for the occasion:

As a Greek, I’m confused by that last story; no mention of Eros and Aphrodite/Venus? Cupid and Psyche is one of my favorite ancient Greek myths. Also, as an honorary Indian, I find the CNN “My Take” overly simplistic. There’s a huge difference between the kind of arranged marriage where two mature, consenting adults are introduced by a mediator but get to know each other before agreeing to marry — that’s more or less what eHarmony and other online dating services do these days — versus other forms of it.

But, maybe I’m just in a bad mood because my big Valentine is off on a business trip and my little Valentine just drew on the couch — maybe he was trying for a heart? — while I was putting up these links. Sigh! (Edited to add: Rubbing alcohol gets pen stains off microfiber. Happy Valentine’s Day!)

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