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We all know how I L❤️VE tea parties. But today’s post is to remind you just why you may want to have a tea party, or comparable celebration.

Because today.

Seriously — life is worth celebrating, even when it feels like it’s not. Right now — even as I write — we are trying to move my dearest mother-in-law into a more secure Alzheimer’s facility. She’s not doing well. The move, however (despite how good it will be for her long-term) is no small thing: paperwork, doctors, state orgs, insurance, fee structures… It will make you crazy, I promise. At least short-term.

Hence tea parties.

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I invited my two local sisters, and a niece w/ accompanying infant to tea, to visit with my sister-in-law & me. My sister-in-law is in to help settle Mom, obviously. And a tea party was probably not on her very hectic agenda. But she humoured me. The adorable baby helped… 😉

I made bruschetta, scones, and hummus — it was, after all, high tea. Americans think all afternoon teas are ‘high’ teas, but a high tea subs for supper. It’s not the lacy dainty fare of afternoon (or cream) teas. I bought lemon, chocolate chip, & almond tea cookies (they are sooo good!). I picked up toasties for the bruschetta & hummus, as well as veggies. And meat pasties, too! (Really Cuban meat pies, but they look like pasties…)

I made two kinds of tea — my niece’s fave (the house Panyang Congou) — and a Madagascar vanilla I like. There was Devon double cream, and honey, & two kinds of jam. It was heaven!

And it forced everyone to take time from their days — in our case, not such pleasant days, lately — and breathe. Savour tea, scones. Nibble crisp, buttery cookies. Stoke the energy embers w/ protein (pasties & hummus!) and eat summer tomatoes.

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You need to do this, folks. Celebrate this summer, this day, without the company of drugs or alcohol — something Americans aren’t so good at. We think celebrations need alcohol, at the very least. Champagne, summer margaritas. And sure — those can be fun too. But then there’s the inevitable who’s driving? et al. With tea, it meant sister 2 talked to sister 3 all night, practically (she’s not used to drinking tea at 5 p.m.!). No problem, a little sleepy. And there was plenty of extra food to take home for guys who didn’t make it.

Here’s your day, today. And there is tea, or coffee, or lemonade. If you have time, home-made is cheaper and great. If not? Buy some Oreos! Or whatever rings your celebration bells. Just don’t forget: this is all we have for sure, folks — this day, this now. And if you take the time to breathe? Drink some tea? It’s more than enough. I promise.

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