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I adore the New Yorker. Even when the stack of unread ones that accumulates from time to time reproaches me.

Currently I’m reading (still) the Food Issue. MY FAVOURITE! Reading about food is almost as much as eating it. Seriously: something there is about food lit that comforts, seduces, educates, and just plain pleasures. When the NYer Food Issue comes out, I ration myself, as if it were very expensive wine, or chocolate. Only a couple of pages a day…

One reason is that it manages to juggle — w/out irony, or at least w/ ironic irony, if that makes sense — the Cronut craze (begun by NY baker Dominque Ansel) and terms like ‘Marxist materialism’ or ‘fetishized  hybrid.’ And yes, I absolutely recognise what a total nerd I am. Most folks HATE that crap. Me? I curl up like Hector the cat and purr. I mean, what fun is it to use our over-priced (and often over-rated) educations to critique the (HIGHLY) caloric treats we cram in our happy mouths?

As far as everyday gratitudes go, this is a big one,  feeding me for days (and yup, I did that on purpose). Perhaps because it combines food with reading, two of my great loves, which I do daily (eat & read? oh yeah). What’s more fun than sitting down w/ a sumptuous pastry, a great book (read one just last night!), and a cuppa tea or coffee? Throw in a day of warm autumn sun, and I’m ecstatic. All for well under $10.

I heartily recommend it as you gear up for big bird day.

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