Awaken Your Truth

When we are on the path to awakening to our truth there will come a point where our soul will communicate to us that it longs to step into new experiences. These experiences will require that we step out of our comfort zone and into the unknown.  We will continuously feel a nudge to take this leap until we respond to its request. Often we ignore the nudge and what is being asked of us. We may resist and deny that it’s there and the more we resist, the louder it will get and the more pain we will feel. We are being asked to expand our energy and yet we are forcing ourselves to live in a confined and constricted space. This may affect our physical body with feelings of tightness in our chest and throat area. It can also lead to feelings of sadness, hopelessness and frustration because we are communicating to ourselves several painful messages. Some of these messages include

“I’m not worthy”

“I’m not important”

“I’m not good enough”

When we refuse to answer the call of our soul, we are choosing to live in a state of fear. We may believe that it is easier to ignore the call and remain safe in the known than to respond with the possibility of a undesirable outcome. This causes us to travel around in circles repeating the same lesson that is wanting to be learned. Learning the lesson requires us to surrender to the knowing that nothing can change until we take responsibility for what wants to unfold within us and around us. We must surrender to what is being asked of us and we must answer the call not for any particular outcome, but because we are simply being asked. We may not be certain of the outcome, but we can be certain that if we don’t respond we will continue to suffer and remain in our comfort zone. We can also be certain that regardless of the outcome, we will learn, grow, expand and feel a sense of freedom. I’d say that in itself is enough to jump. It really is safe. The only fear that exists are the stories that are living in our minds. Take the jump and feel the excitement that comes with stepping out of our fear and into our heart.


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