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Forgiveness is one of the most powerful ways to release all that is holding us back from being present to who we really are. It is also the one thing that we most resist because our mind will tell us that if we forgive we will make the other person right for what we perceived was done to us. Until we know that forgiveness does not happen in the mind we will continuously be at a tug of war with “trying” to forgive or telling ourselves that we have forgiven when in actuality we haven’t even touched the surface of what it really feels like to experience this act of grace.

There is no “trying” when it comes to forgiveness. It is a force that comes through us when we aren’t living in the space of “right and wrong” And of course only the mind lives in that space. Forgiveness is one of those things that can be very difficult to explain because there is no specific way to do it. Forgiveness occurs when we surrender and let go of feeling the need to be right.  It happens when we feel exhaustion from the low vibrational feelings that we are carrying around with us and we know deep within us that we were not brought here to suffer and live in a state of resentment. The willingness to surrender to forgiveness comes from a deep knowing that we are ultimately responsible for how we feel. This is about owning our part in the story and empowering ourselves at the deepest level so that we can see the truth of who we really are. This is about having the willingness to free ourselves from the darkness that we have been choosing to remain in so that we can step back into our natural state of joy and light. Although the process of forgiveness can be challenging to explain, the following are some pointers that may guide you through your own personal process and raise your level of awareness so that you can choose to free your soul and heal your heart.

  •  We must let go of the idea of right and wrong. Only at the level of the Ego is there right and wrong. At the level of the soul everything is happening as it is meant to. It just simply is. Helpful Mantra: I am willing to forgive, surrender to what is and feel at peace.
  • We must let go of trying to figure out why things happen the way they do and just simply find acceptance around all that has occurred.
  • We must be willing to see those that we believe to have hurt us as a teacher that is assisting us in our growth and expansion
  • We must let go of all judgments and open up to becoming a neutral observer towards people that we believe have hurt and betrayed us. This space of neutrality will help us in seeing that those that we believed to have hurt us have done so for the sole reason that they are hurting themselves.
  • We must long for a sense of freedom of joy more so than feelings of anger and resentment.

May these pointers point you in the direction of your truth, joy and freedom.



















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