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Imagine going through some of life’s toughest challenges – rape, prison, abuse – and coming out with deeper faith. Patrice Gaines, an author and veteran journalist of the Washington Post, experienced some of the toughest things that life can throw […]

Everyone says, “I want peace,” as if it will fall out of the sky and suddenly all will be peaceful. I’ve found that peace requires a lot of effort – at least as much as working in a corporation and […]

“It is a misunderstanding to think that the practice of meditation is merely a method for relieving stress and achieving peace for oneself alone,” writes Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche. “Begin your meditation with a generous attitude. Each time you sit down […]

Meditation practices are only a first step on the spiritual path. One must light the lamp of inner wisdom and march on, clear and unobstructed. In India the jyothi or inner light is the light of wisdom. Ignorance is often […]

Both Buddhist and Hindu teachings address controlling the monkey mind, but this didn’t make much sense until I travelled to India. In Andhra Pradesh monkeys scampered along the roadsides and populated villages. They sat at temples and ate the offerings […]