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While some people yearn to be fulfilled through companionship, others are finding that becoming their own best friend first is a way to find happiness and contentment. And then they get the icing on the cake too as a natural […]

“Patient and regular practice is the whole secret of spiritual realization. Do not be in a hurry in spiritual life. Do your utmost, and leave the rest to God.” – Swami Shivananda Most of us want our desires fulfilled now! […]

Sex and spirituality don’t often end up in the same sentence. Particularly in America attitudes about sex make it dirty and lust-related. There’s a pretension of being “free” and “open” which is disconnected from reality. Putting pictures of sexy women […]

Anchoring in one’s Self during the storms and trials is a way to stay centered during the rush of the day. In Native American traditions, the circle is a powerful symbol of wholeness. The Plains Indians used medicine wheels made […]

There’s a deep common core to humanity so that when something touches one of us it touches all of us.” – Mark Nepo “If I go far enough inside of me, I find you.” – Mark Nepo  In an intimate […]

 In every moment ask yourself, are you are going to choose ego, or you are going to choose Divine Love. – Mirabai Devi Is it possible to be lifted into the light by the company you keep or the thoughts […]

This morning at dawn I walked on Folly Beach while the sun rose pink and gold through the clouds. The gentle waves soothed and as I moved more deeply into my body pain and sorrow of recent losses rose and […]

Praying is a way to connect with the divine. In the traditional sense, in prayer we often ask for our heart’s desire. The heart yearns for many things and those yearnings bring lessons that help us to grow and understand […]

Goodness is the essence of all things. This may be difficult to perceive when we see pain and challenges around us. But many things unfold with divine complexity and we can only see a small piece of the picture. The […]