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November 2011 Archives

Being in the present, conscious and awake to the beauty around you is a gift. We can chose to live with heightened awareness and become increasingly conscious of what’s going on both inside us and all around. By bringing attention […]

Father Christmas is not just a fiction character or someone from fantasy land. The tradition of “Babo Natale” or Father Christmas dates back centuries and started with Saint Nick. Nicholas was a bishop living in Demre, Turkey hundreds of years […]

With the count down on to December 25th, the next 28 days Awake in the World will focus on ways to make the holiday season less commercial and more spiritual.  Whether you celebrate the day as  Christmas, Kwanza or based […]

While we’re bombarded with commercials to go out and shop ‘til you drop today and over the coming weeks, there are alternatives. We can choose to focus on what we already have, enjoy the simple and natural things of the […]

“I know the secret of silence,” Indian saint, Mahatma Gandhi wrote. In the silence the mind comes to rest and all of the pieces come home like bees to the hive. The senses gather themselves together and the fragments of […]

Conscious cooking is a way to uplift and give the gift of love to family and friends during the holidays. In addition to creating a good practice for mindfulness, preparing foods with love nourishes their spirits and minds as well […]

As the days grow short and cold, a body naturally seeks to move inside and find quiet and comfort. This is a time of year that naturally invites us to introspection. The pace of nature slows as trees become still […]

Fasting feeds the soul and cleanses the body. This practice which has been common throughout cultures down through the ages has fallen out of use. But it’s being rediscovered for health benefits, as a way to detox, and as a […]

“It is amazing that something so beautiful will be destroyed. But then again, that is the story of our lives.” — Woman who watched the creation of a sand mandala How much we yearn for things to stay the same. […]

Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. Just lie down. – Natalie Goldberg So often we are cut […]