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John McCain’s erratic behavior: An astrological view

All but John McCain’s most ardent supporters are talking about McCain’s recent erratic and mccain.jpgbizarre behavior that threatens his run for President.  In a campaign that has been more about emotional reactions than a clear look at issues, it doesn’t take much to throw a campaign off balance.  Republicans did not care for McCain to start with, then with his selection of Sarah Palin he became a star.  Now that the bloom is off Palin’s rose after her only interviews reveal her utter lack of understanding of world affairs, McCain has to appear that much more presidential.

The LA Times writes, “David Keene, head of the American Conservative Union, said some of McCain’s responses over the last 10 days were “goofy” and “just don’t make a whole lot of sense.” ”  In the same article, John Weaver, McCain’s former campaign manager, is quoted: “It was all very dramatic, but maybe the American public is tired of drama after the last eight years,  John needs to demonstrate he has a steady hand. He needs to be a bit more measured.”
That is not McCain’s style, and we can see that in his birthchart.  Mars in Leo can be flamboyantly (Leo) aggressive (Mars), and McCain’s Mars is squared by Uranus which exacerbates the situation.  Uranus is the revolution – the radical and the rebel.  The challenging aspects of Mars and Uranus often shows an individual whose rebellion cannot be contained, and unless they balance those energies within themselves there is always a fight lurking just under the surface.  
McCain’s progressed Moon aspected his progressed Mars a month ago, and that influence is just now waning.  For someone with the underlying anger that McCain has, the irritation of Mars to the Moon can add gasoline to the flame.  In addition, transiting Chiron (wounding and healing) has been forming a challenging aspect (square) to his Sun, the second phase of which occurred in early September.  This can be a painful time when our old hurts and painful emotions are exposed, ideally so that they can be healed.  It can also bring health problems, and the droopy eye that McCain has exhibited recently has given rise to rumors of a stroke, or Bells Palsy.  
The last big planetary event in McCain’s life right now is the double transit of Saturn and Uranus to the retrograde Saturn/Venus opposition in his chart, a point that denotes the potential for low self-esteem  (Perhaps this is why McCain paid a Hollywood makeup artist over $5,000 of taxpayer-funded money recently.)  This Saturn/Venus opposition is part of a Mutable Grand Cross in his chart, of which I wrote in my earlier article:

A Grand Cross is a challenging aspect in which four planets make 90 degrees to each other, with two pairs of planets in opposition to each other. Typically there is a buildup of tension with this configuration which promotes change and transformation within the individual, but with the Mutable Grand Cross this energy is never focused and tends to create distress and tension within the individual unless there is a motivating force that provides momentum. Without such a force this person will tend to waffle and become distracted. At his core, Mr. McCain has not yet resolved his inner sense of failure expressed through his retrograde Saturn.


Because McCain does not have a strong core of conviction, planetary transits over the Grand Cross can shake him even more than they would for others.  Uranus has been transiting over these points for the past couple of years and currently is sitting right on McCain’s Saturn, exacerbating the restlessness of his natal Uranus/Mars square.  Uranus wants to shake up all things Saturn in his chart: goals, rules, structures.   This would be great for a real maverick, but not a maverick who wants to be president.  Transiting Saturn is moving into alignment to oppose Uranus in the sky and Saturn in his chart, and that will be the real challenge.  

  • Gem

    Thank you for the wonderful and timely analysis of this presidential hopeful. I am hoping for an Obama victory.

  • Sandy Schwartz

    Is it not also true, that at this exact time, Palin’s chart is showing strong planetary oppositions to her (and McCain’s) chart as well! Something to do with “separations and endings” … could you possibly clarify these powerful aspects & transits for me. I’m sure this is indicative of what’s stirring about in the media today. Palin is a strong Aquarian with (I believe) a Leo rising.

  • linda r

    being an aquarian, as sarah palin is, makes her an idealist. and a rebel. she has good intentions, but the world isn’t ready for a female president! there are countries, and religions, such as Islam, where the woman doesn’t have a voice in the male-oriented system, and they wouldn’t respect the united states if it were run by a female. in order to defeat the enemy, one has to THINK like him. and Islamic terrorists, are the enemy…. we’de be a laughing-stock!
    linda r

  • Anne

    Linda: “the world isn’t ready for a female president!”
    Not true.
    The world isn’t ready for a president who is unqualified, uninformed, and unfit. Palin obviously would just be a front for some unelected power behind the office.
    We have one of those puppet-presidents right now, and it hasn’t worked out so well for us. Or the world.

  • Nothanks

    to linda r:
    Are you seriously suggesting that we don’t elect McCain/palin, not for the obvious reasons, but because the enemies our current leaders have *created* would lose respect and “laugh at us”?
    “the enemy”. uh-huh.
    wow. hang on a sec… wow… dumb.

  • Anonymous

    “we’de be a laughing-stock!”
    We aren’t already? It was cemented when we “elected” Bush twice.

  • Marianne

    That was me…sorry, forgot to fill out all the fields!

  • Beth Owl’s Daughter

    And just to throw this in, when we’re talking about the viability of Palin as next in line, there is another elephant in the room, and that is McCain’s age and health. This is an extraordinary article that seems to present a clear, unbiased observation of both presidential candidates:
    – Beth Owl

  • Joseph

    Adding another layer to this mix, Mercury retrograde in Libra is currently moving forward/backward/forward over McCain’s rising sign. Given its 1st/12th house movement, it’s no wonder he has had difficulty stringing two intelligent sentences together, or showing consistency in his position. Mercury rules communication. In a retrograde “expect the unexpected”.
    Other Mercury Retrograde events of late:
    Hubble Space Telescope has serious malfunction requiring a delay of the Space Shuttle service/upgrade mission
    Bailout fails to pass the House.
    Sarah Palin’s interviews with Catie Couric (Gov. Palin’s chart (Jupiter in Aries) is also impacted by this retrograde.
    Stock Market volatility.
    Mercury goes direct on the 15th. Through the 30th Mercury is coming out of the shadow. During this time, there is usually a re-enactment of events from the retrograde. Ought to be quite a ride this month.

  • Kevin

    We all have been dumbfounded by Sarah Palin’s inarticulate responses to Katie Couric’s interview questions. I don’t think Palin is below average in intelligence, but she is woefully ignorant. All of us know what it is like to be ignorant. What is so striking is her boldly blithering away when she surely perceives in less than ten seconds that the interviewer knows she is clueless. If she couldn’t pick up those basic nonverbal cues, she couldn’t function socially, much less get elected to office. So how does she do it?
    I think she believes it is her religious duty. In the Gospels, Jesus tells his followers that when they are accused, they should not consider what they will say to their accusers, but the Holy Spirit will guide them. She is a Pentecostal, remember, and I think this is in play. I suggest she believes God has called her to do this, and if she just hangs on and says whatever comes to her mind to say, it will be all right.
    Astrologically, Neptune is making a station point on her Sun-Mars conjunction in Aquarius (which itself squares Neptune in Scorpio natally.) I suggest that this is a Neptune delusion, and it may soon snap into reverse, as she suddenly sees McCain, not as the savior of America and her Cinderella-prince sweeping her from Alaska to national office, but as a tool of Satan who has made her into an object of ridicule and ruined her political career.
    Palin has Leo rising, and a Leo ascendant does not take to humiliation, even square Neptune. Mars is coming up to square her Mercury, and Pluto is squaring her progressed Mars. Saturn is transiting her second house Pluto opposition Chiron, which I would associate with her beauty-contestant role, using her body (second house) for impersonal power (Pluto) to assuage a psychic wound (Chiron in 8th). She probably felt she had to meet her father’s expectations (Sun conjunct Saturn), and McCain has been her Saturn-father substitute. At first she was carried away, a glamorous figure, the feisty small-town hockey mom addressing the national convention, but Saturn is putting a different light on things.
    She was dazzled, she trusted, she was built up, and she quite predictably failed. She has been humiliated, and McCain is seen to be visibly angry, even in public. The reality has to be sinking in that McCain is, shall we say, no saint. It must be starting to become clear that she has no political future with him and that she has been used, but not by God.
    McCain or a staff member is going to show anger or contempt once too often, and the Neptune illusion will flip so fast McCain won’t know what hit him. This is not the kind of woman to plead domestic duties and slink away home. Palin’s Sun conjunct Mars on her seventh house cusp will let McCain have it, live and in public. Palin will restore her image as righteous rebel by decking McCain, and released from the spell of the ogre, the Snow Queen will go home to Alaska in triumph, all her lies and evasions blamed on McCain and forgiven. Do you sense something like this coming?

  • Eden

    This may offend the true believers, but I find it a glaring double standard, so here is my question:
    What is it in Obama’s chart that allows him to be at the head of the line when the piggies lined up at the Fannie and Freddie trough for campaign bucks (he took close to a quarter million $$ from the same institutes that caused the credit crunch), and then turn around and criticize McCain for taking campaign funds from other companies? Kinda schizoid. Or maybe he’s like every other politician, and will say and do anything to get elected? How very un-messianic of him.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Also, Rick Davis, whose lobbying firm was paid over $2 million by Fannie Mae, was kept on the payroll at $15K every month because of access to McCain.

  • Marie

    Eden, what do you hope to achieve by coming here with your passive aggressive behavior and addressing people as “true believers.” How childish are you anyway? If you find offense with the way Obama has been portrayed by some in the media, fine. So do I. However, don’t insult your adult intelligence by generalizing every Obama supporter by a cheap catchphrase. You are not going to change or affect anyone’s opinion by lowering the level of discourse down several notches. Furthermore, Lynn is right about Davis. You certainly need to be doing some due diligence with your own candidate before you start pointing fingers and growling at the other. McCain hardly comes out smelling like rose.
    Great insight, Kevin, by the way. It’s been a surreal few weeks with the nom of Palin. I personally believe if she wasn’t so afraid of the consequences from the Repubs – McCain’s people in particular – that she’d be happy to drop out.

  • Eden

    I’m grateful for your constructive response, and tickled to see so much hypocrisy loaded into one paragraph. Nowhere in my comment did I suggest that all Obama supporters are ‘true believers’. I think I made a reasonable query based on a rather large amount of observation, and I don’t think it warrants your ‘pot calling the kettle black’ personal attacks. I didn’t mention that I support Obama, and I do, but that being said it frustrates me when he adopts the same behavior he is condemning. You did a very good job proving my point btw.
    In my experience as a blogger, the posters who go straight to attacking someone’s intelligence are usually the ones with astounding self-esteem
    issues, so I don’t take it personally :)

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