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New Moon copy.jpgNew Moons are exciting times of renewal and new beginnings, and the Moon was new in Libra at 4 am EDT today.  Each month we are initiated into the mysteries of the signs in zodiacal order, and following the Virgo mystery that was illuminated by the New Moon eclipse on August 30, we find ourselves being opened to the Libran quest for beauty, harmony, and a balance in our relationships with others.  

Relationships are highlighted now, and with Venus, ruler of the New Moon, currently in Scorpio there is likely to be passion and intensity (Scorpio) in those relationships and the possibility for dissonance.  Venus and Scorpio have nothing in common – these signs are inconjunct (30 degrees apart) and they don’t understand each other.  We must face the truth about our relationships (Scorpio) while working to achieve balance within them (Libra).  This extends to all kinds of partnerships in our life, and anywhere that we relate to others. 
With this New Moon we begin to see the opposition between Saturn (form and structure) and Uranus (chaos and innovation) moving towards their alignment that will be exact on election day. The Libra New Moon connects the energy of the Sun and the Moon – the conscious mind (Sun) and the emotional instincts (Moon) to ask “Where do the structures of my life that I depend on (Saturn) need to be altered so that they will better serve my authentic self (Uranus)?”
Mercury is retrograde, and at the Libra New Moon we are looking backwards to reprocess events in our life in a way that is more balanced and harmonious (Libra) than they were before.  Mercury trines Neptune exactly now, offering us a doorway to see our ideals (Neptune) clearly and express them in a creative and inspirational fashion.  
Look at your own chart to see which house the New Moon falls in – this is the area of your life where you have the potential to begin anew.  If you would like to like discussing this with others, please join the thread on our fledgling Astrological Musings group here at Beliefnet.  
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