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Synchronistically, Kathryn and Elsa and I seem to have watched this movie at the very same time so its entry into the astroblogosphere is well-timed.

Zeitgeist is a not-for-profit full-length film that is being distributed over the internet. You can watch it in several ways: at the Zeitgeist site itself where you can find credits and sources, or I believe it has been segmented for easier viewing on YouTube.

For those of us who have studied conspiracy models for quite some time there is little information here that is new, but it is assembled in a stunning and powerful montage of images and events. The film is divided into three parts:

Part I – The Greatest Story Ever Told, delivering a critique of the Old and New Testaments in light of their derivation from earlier myths, including some lovely astrological detail.

Part II: All the World’s a Stage, creating a vivid imagery for the questions surrounding September 11 and associated events and coverups;

Part III: Don’t Mind the Men Behind the Curtain, delineating the use of the world’s major bankers to control the financial destiny of nations and individuals.

This movie is a must-see because it opens the door to some of the darker events of our history and their underlying meaning. Many of the statements made in this film are without question true and accurate. However, the film makes the same mistake made by David Icke, another great source of conspiracy material, in that it throws speculation and rumor into the film and calls it all fact. The facts are chilling enough without sensationalizing them with questionable conclusions.

Still, this is the most comprehensive and visually evocative manifestation of conspiracy material that has been around for generations, and well worth watching. The more people are exposed to this kind of idea, the more they will turn off their televisions and begin to question what is really going on with our governments. Over the next day or so I’ll post some of my favorite books on the subject in the bookstore in the sidebar.

And just in time for Pluto’s entry into Capricorn, the sign of governmental structure!!

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