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My profile of Christie Brinkley’s divorce and relationship history is posted on the National Ledger site. There’s not much biographical information available on Christie so it was difficult to do an extensive profile, but her relationship dynamics are very interesting. […]

The Sun enters the sign of Leo today. Leo is a fire sign, and one of the most dramatic of the twelve signs. All fire signs are visionaries, idealists, and futurists, but Leo connects these traits to the development of […]

Ever since Mars began its sojourn through Leo in early June, we have seen a surge in violence and aggression. Leo is a fiery sign that demands expression of the ego, and Mars in Leo for a time was conjunct […]

You’d think I’d know better, but our router died this week and I decided to go wireless. Hence this: Installing a newWireless connection now isVery bad idea.

Read Part I hereRead Part II here In 1976 Jimmy Carter campaigned for president on a campaign promise to heal the “malaise” the country was experiencing as the result of a poor economy and the Iran hostage crisis. Malaise is […]

HuffPo blogger Sheldon Drobny comments on Mercury Retrograde: The global crisis has intensified recently with the recent Israeli military incursions into Gaza and Lebanon. This intensity of human crisis has fallen into an astronomical period in which the planet Mercury […]

Part I can be found here. One underlying thread of influence throughout this period is the continuing opposition of Chiron (exposing the wounds in the culture) with Uranus (individuation and radical new ideas). This is too complex to cover in […]

This treatise I’m working on charting the rise of the conservative Christian Right is a much bigger undertaking than I had imagined. Every road I take leads to three more, a fascinating journey. So I’ll post the second of three […]

Part I: Setting the Stage Marianne’s question yesterday about whether any astrologers had predicted the turn to the right the country would take (I couldn’t find any articles to this effect) started me thinking about the rise of the religious […]

Grand Canyon photo by Tony Howell. Nancy Waterman has written an excellent article looking at the past few years of US politics and the planetary cycles that have affected the country. Many of us who feel that the Bush administration […]