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You can read the whole article here but here is an excerpt. Much of this month’s article has to do with the major planetary events of 2006: Jupiter’s ride through Scorpio, Jupiter trine Uranus, and an introduction to the opposition […]

As some of you know, I write an advice column for Innerchange Magazine, and from time to time I will post some of the more interesting questions. Here’s one that came in the other day: Q: I know a bit […]

This from the New York Times: DAMASCUS, Syria, July 27 — At the onset of the Lebanese crisis, Arab governments, starting with Saudi Arabia, slammed Hezbollah for recklessly provoking a war, providing what the United States and Israel took as […]

John Bolton is a neoconservative who has been serving the causes of the New Right since the early 1980s. Unlike most neocons, who tend to stay in ivory towers and think tanks, Bolton has worked within the political structure since […]

Somebody emailed this to me and I wanted to share it: To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty, but also […]

Some astrologers say that the effects of Mercury retrograde linger for several weeks after Mercury changes direction to move forward again, but I have never found that to be the case, in my experience Mercury’s direct turn generally alleviates the […]

Drawing by David Michael FriendWhile we’re on the subject of the sign of Leo, let’s talk about the Pluto in Leo generation. My friend Jon sent me this article: My cohort of early baby boomers has been called a lot […]

The New Moon in Leo occured early this morning EDT, last night PDT, beginning a new cycle of creativity and play. Leo is the fun-loving sign of the zodiac, and this New Moon marks a new cycle to offer a […]

I’m working on what I think is a cool redesign of this blog and wanted to give you a little warning because in the next few days you’ll log on for your regular astrology fix and find a whole new […]

I have just heard for the first time of a phenomenon called the “Lunar Standstill,” which evidently peaked on July 23. Although there seem to be many resources on the astronomical configuration (I refer you to Wikipedia for the technical […]