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One of my readers noted that I haven’t posted any profiles of women, but the Abramoff story is just too delicious and frankly, the only women in the news have been Lindsay, Britney and Jessica and I am not THAT much of a gossip hound. So let’s dive right into Jack Abramoff’s chart and see what makes him tick. (Photo courtesy of Village Voice)

Abramoff was born with the Sun and Mercury in the watery, misty sign of Pisces. Pisces is often represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and individuals with a Piscean nature can be very difficult to pin down. Pisces has been called the saint and the sinner, they can manifest as the highest of the spiritual and the most confused of the street people. Like water, Pisces people often adopt the shape of the container that they find themselves in. Consequently they are like chameleons, often able to fit in anywhere because they are nearly invisible and difficult to identify.

Mars in his chart, representing his drive and describing how he achieves his goals, is in Capricorn which is the most practical of signs. Capricorn is the builder, capable of enormous focus to achieve his goals, and for whom the ends always justify the means. Like George Bush and others in power today, Mars in Abramoff’s chart makes no aspects (or angles) to other planets in his chart, showing that he is a renegade, capable of operating independently and nearly completely for his own self-interest. He is not someone who will take orders from someone else, and in fact his history shows that from an early age he had strong opinions and took charge of his own destiny. He also showed a thread of ruthlessness in his early political years, saying as president of the College Republican National Committee: “It is not our job to seek peaceful coexistence with the Left. Our job is to remove them from power permanently.”

Abramoff has Saturn in Sagittarius, and it too is unaspected, showing that he has not been able to achieve the discipline that Saturn often fosters. Those with Saturn in Sagittarius often tend to have rigid (Saturn) ideologies (Sagittarius) that stem from early childhood experiences. We know that Abramoff grew up in a secular Jewish home and at the age of 12 decided to passionately embrace the religion of his forefathers, saying “I made the decision that I would become religious in order to preserve the faith in our family.”

A picture is developing of a guy with an ability to blend in anywhere (Pisces), who is a bit of a loose cannon (unaspected Mars), who acts alone and independently, and is guided only by his drive for achievement (Mars in Capricorn) and self-important ideology (unaspected Saturn in Sag).

Abramoff has been undergoing a couple of significant planetary transits that tell the tale of his downfall. Transiting Uranus (radical action, rebellion) passed over his natal Mercury and Sun in the summer of 2004, just as Saturn opposed his Mars. During this period he was forced to resign from the Greenberg Traurig law firm amidst investigations of his activities with the Indian casinos.

Transiting Pluto (destruction and power) hit Abramoff’s natal Saturn in February of 2005, returning again at the end of December. This is a very difficult transit where the destructive urge of Pluto can threaten all that makes us secure (Saturn). For someone like Abramoff who has lacked introspection and been focused only on accumulation of wealth and power, this can be a devastating time where authority figures (Pluto) strip away any semblance of one’s sense of stability (Saturn). During this same time, from April through August and then again in February of ’06, Uranus has been transiting Abramoff’s Sun. Abramoff was first indicted in August of 2005 for fraud charges relating to casino boats in Florida. Uranus transits can make us feel reckless and rebellious against any hint of authority, so it is not surprising that these planetary events would make someone like Abramoff pursue the ultimate rebellion of bringing down every participant in every venture which he has orchestrated over the past twenty years.

I for one am eager to see the results.

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