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Mercury has been traveling through the upbeat sign of Sagittarius for a month or so, and now moves into the serious sign of Capricorn. Mercury rules the mental functions, communication, small machinery and telephones, and generally the way we process information. When Mercury is in Capricorn, the sign of goals, accomplishment and leadership, information processing happens to serve a purpose. Capricorn is the sign that says “the ends justify the means,” and the means is often to preserve the established social order which is also signified by Capricorn.

Over the next few weeks while Mercury is in Capricorn we are likely to see even more rationales for government malfunctions that claim to be “for the good of the country.” On the positive side, Mercury in Capricorn can be good for the financial markets as there is an added note of practicality to business decisions that promote sound “bottom line” thinking.

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