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I had planned to post a series of essays on how we as Pagans can look at the horrors around us and see that they do not reflect badly on the sacred. However, several of my readers expressed concerns over […]

The issue of initiation in modern America was a major theme yesterday in a book group to which I belong.  We had been discussing  Barry Spector’s Madness at the Gates of the City. Spector uses a Jungian polytheistic approach to […]

I’ve been taking a vacation of sorts from this blog, for the reasons I already mentioned below. I’ve been trying to find a way to do more than write “aint it awful” every day, along with the occasional spiritual Pagan […]

Beliefnet has been shifting to a new platform while I have been shifting to a different perspective towards this blog. Over the past few months I have been increasingly uncomfortable about reporting on the incredibly depraved actions by the “religious” […]

I got a suggestion on Facebook to “Wear a snake for St. Patrick’s Day.”  It was put up by an Irish Pagan, to protest honoring the desecration of our sacred sites.  Why do We , as a Nation , celebrate […]

So-called ‘conservatives’ seem to be on a collision course with every form of decency that exists among human beings.  I have just come across a case where a woman have been jailed because she thought about having an abortion! You […]

The ongoing tragedy in Japan offers a great deal for us to think about, from how we can help to how such catastrophes can happen in a world where Spirit matters to what it says about human beings’ ability to […]

Imagine the worst that a ‘pro-life’ monster can do.  This probably exceeds it. I am ashamed to be of the same species. There really is no other spiritual term that can reasonably apply. This is not true for all conservatives of […]

At this time when the worst side of many Americans is proudly exposed to view by people too morally lost, and too besotted with self-righteousness to realize what they are doing, it is good to reflect on a beautiful poem […]

Cherry Hill Seminary is offering a fascinating course by York Dobyns, a Ph.D. in physics at Princeton as well as a Wiccan since 1992.  The link explains everything briefly, so there is no need for me to duplicate it.  Find […]