I’ve been taking a vacation of sorts from this blog, for the reasons I already mentioned below. I’ve been trying to find a way to do more than write “aint it awful” every day, along with the occasional spiritual Pagan piece. Many of you have written insightful comments, which I very much appreciate, including that some of you find my political commentary useful.

I am not entirely sure where the coming weeks will take this blog but I know if it continues I need it to have a greater portion than has been the case of positive articles to exposures about the depraved sociopathy that calls itself “conservatism,” the Sauronic imbecility that masquerades as right wing ‘Christianity,’ and the less noxious but debilitating cowardice and dishonesty that calls itself Obama Democrats.

I hope my next few posts will be models for what will happen more often now. If I can keep it up.

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