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UPDATE- link corrected Check it out. Women’s softball- Marshall vs. Roncalli. Wonderful. . . I promise. ‘Spirituality’ without a good heart is like a stone painted like a peach.  This is spirituality without the trappings.

UPDATE below UPDATE 2  below Over the past several years I have slowly come to the conclusion that corporations should not be allowed, ever, to engage in activities that require ethical relations with the other than human world.  No owning […]

On Memorial Day we remember and honor those men and women who have fought for their country and paid with their lives in doing so.  There are many kinds of patriotism, some worthy, some unworthy, but laying your life on […]

Do the words we use to describe something powerfully influence what it is we actually experience?  Years ago, when I was first studying German, I was amazed to learn their word for the taste of a hot pepper was ‘scharf.’  […]

Enough of me.  This one’s for you.

Tonight my Wicca 101 class nears its end, with my first female student experiencing Drawing Down the Moon for the first time.  In subsequent classes other women will have their own opportunity to encounter the Lady.   It’s been most […]

His Royal Highness Jim Bunning simply will NOT allow himself to be pestered by uppity Kentucky citizens.  Screw the First Amendment. I await with baited breath his denunciation by his fellow right wing Senators.  I suspect it will be a […]

Neither did I. But that’s what BP said in assuring the cretins in the Bush and Obama administrations that they could handle any problem that arose from their drilling.  For more on the utter depravity of this fetid company, see […]

From out of left field in every sense, Kevin Costner may be the man who made technology capable of saving the Gulf of Mexico by separating oil from water quickly and thoroughly available.  He financed it while his brother developed it.

For a former libertarian such as myself Rand Paul’s attack on Civil Rights legislation is to be expected, except perhaps for its political idiocy.  For that latter quality I am grateful because it weakens his candidacy.  But there are interesting […]