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UPDATE 2  below
Over the past several years I have slowly come to the conclusion that corporations should not be allowed, ever, to engage in activities that require ethical relations with the other than human world.  No owning of agricultural land, forests, fishing for salmon, owning of fish farms, off shore drilling, none of that.  There are plenty of human beings able to do these things who have the moral complexity to make tradeoffs impossible for corporate sociopaths.  And there is no ambiguity as to why will lose big time if they break the law.
I think a Pagan view of the world strongly supports this conclusion.  We know the world is much more than a collection of resources for human use.
As further evidence that corporations are as able to handle these kinds of issues as a serial child molester is able to run a day care service, here are three new accounts of BP’s utter lack of anything we would regard as humanity.
First, BP trucked in 400 workers to be working at clean up when Obama arrived.  They 
 trucked them
out again
 as soon as he left.
Second, Tony Hayward, the thug who runs BP is now 
questioning whether the undersea plumes exist.  
 – despite the testimony of local scientists at universities all around the area.  Of course, similar tactics worked with global warming deniers.
Third, when a fisherman who had been working on clean up without respirators went to the hospital, BP 
seized his clothing 
 and refused to return it – evidence “disappeared.”

Now we know why BP has removed the evidence.  These people need jail time and the corporation needs to die.
And BP KNEW that their dispersant would form plumes underwater long long before Tony Hayward lied that there were no plumes.  Jail time for Hayward should be a minimal result of his fraud to the people of this country.