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Jason Pitzi-Waters over at Wild Hunt is doing our community a big service by initiating crafting a statement concerning child abuse within our community.  Given the abject failure of the Catholic Church over these issues, and the predilection for power […]


Conservative Evangelical Bible scholar Dr. Bruce Waltke has resigned from his teaching position at the Reformed Theological Seminary.  He made the mistake of saying the evidence overwhelmingly supported evolution.  Many of his co-religionists are unforgiving.  Ken Hamm, CEO of the ‘Creation […]


Mark Kleiman reports on important news from the Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century Conference. I wish I had been there.


Yesterday I went to a book group gathering to discuss Jeremy Rifkin’s monumental new book, The Empathetic Civilization. What follows are insights I developed in preparation for that gathering that I think will interest many Pagans concerned with the deeper […]

I haven’t had one of these in a while.

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ The Ghost of Bobby Lee says so much that I have always wanted to say about being an American, and he says it so much better.  Nothing Pagan here, it is universal.

Mark Kleiman has a very interesting post up on the gradual opening of science and medicine to the value of entheogens that had been smothered as part of the mindless backlash against the Sixties. As older Pagans know, entheogens played […]

This post fulfills a promise I made to discuss the tough examples readers raised in my post on beauty and suffering.  I do it from a Pagan perspective, one emphasizing the sacredness of the world and of the basic processes […]

Maureen Dowd hits a home run on women, religion, and power today.  The most important single truth we Pagans have to offer the broader spiritual community is our view of women and the feminine.  Dowd explains why – though she […]

This is National Poetry Month, and as spring caresses the hills of northern California, one of the most magickal places in the San Francisco Bar Area, Mt. Tamalpais, is rising serenely above the hustle and bustle below, the good and the bad, […]

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