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Wiccans along with most other NeoPagans celebrate the sacredness of all natural cycles.  These cycles are particularly clear within regions with four distinct seasons, and I think it is natural that we, whose origins most recently hail from the British …Read More

I believe my unusually rapid recovery from a stroke in 2008 was connected to working with healing energy for 25 years.  My belief just received a boost.  This week (April 24)  the  New Scientist gave  a fascinating account of an …Read More

During last year’s Parliament for World Religions a dispute arose over whether Pagans were properly considered indigenous religions.  One person prominent in our community insisted he qualified by virtue of his membership in a “FamTrad,” that is, a family held …Read More

Beltane 2010 is upon us.  Beltane is one of Wicca’s two most important Sabbats, celebrating the power of life and growth, as Samhain, six months later, honors the powers of death and decline.  Beltane is fast approaching and in my …Read More

Tim Wise has written a revealing piece about how the Tea Partyers are overwhelming evidence of White racism.  I then tried his “imagine” experiment with with Pagans and replaced Tea Partyers with Christians talking about how this should be a …Read More

Rod Dreher at Crunchy Con has a thoughtful post about the nature of reality and how we perceive it that should interest all Pagans.

Today I am headed off to Bear Valley, a place northeast of here famous all around for the beauty of its spring wildflowers.  Here are some photos a person posted on Flickr.   Here’s another set I discovered (scroll down).  Going …Read More

This was a response to  comment on the immediately preceding post.  It suggests a practical way of bringing corporations under the law without depending on corrupt politicians who have been bought off.  The recent actions by Massey Energy, Goldman Sachs, …Read More

This increasingly buggy system published two versions of the post and then wiped out the first while supposedly wiping out the second.  As a consequence the comments were wiped as well. I have made my comment a new post – …Read More

Earth day celebrates this wonderful planet that is our home.  Today is its 40th anniversary, celebrated world-wide, the inspiring off spring of Senator Gaylord Nelson and some students back in 1970.   It is a wonderful corrective to the two forms …Read More