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Researchers at The Scripps  Research Institute report that when fed junk food instead of good food, the brain chemistry of rats changes in ways analogous to cocaine addiction.  Addicted rats turned down nutritious food preferring no food instead, but willingly underwent repeated […]

What follows is my attempt to distill everyone’s comments into a manageable post.  As I went through the lists I discovered a good argument for including the Wizard of Oz by Sheherazahde and so included comments on both sides of that […]

UPDATE below I think the outbursts of hatred and anger we have seen since passage of the Health Care Reform bill indicate it may have been an even bigger deal than I thought.  I think something far deeper than a […]

Has not been a success in my opinion.  Very few participated, those who did usually were knowledgeable about one movie, and all in all, the discussion was with a few exceptions, pretty minimal.  What there was was good, but there […]

UPDATED MOST RECENTLY 3/29, 9 am pst. A old anti-government hypocrite living off Social Security disability payments is becoming a focal point for organized violent intimidation.  Incidents of violent intimidation have escalated since health care reform was passed.  Rachel Maddow […]

From the Democrats’ health insurance reform.UPDATEThe Washington Post has an online calculator that in a very simple way gives you a sense of how this bill will impact you personally. UPDATE II.This is rich.The full incompetence or dishonesty of the […]

I had an wonderful talk with a friend who was for some time a Buddhist abbot before he decided Buddhism was not his final path, and began exploring other spiritual traditions and practices. Whenever our conversations shifts to these kinds […]

There was a spiritual dimension to the victory of health care reform last night.  One that decent people of any religion can celebrate. A precedent was set that may help reverse a deep misunderstanding of the nature of democratic government, […]

Indeed they will.  So if you have a position on which movies below deserve to be among the worst in their portrayal of Pagans, and which do not, you will have till Friday to have your say.  I will then […]

I have been perplexed at the vicious intensity of Republican and ‘conservative’ attacks on health care reform, even in its rather minimal form.  They have lied about “death panels,”  lied about their interest in “bipartisanship,” lied about its impact on […]