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I think the outbursts of hatred and anger we have seen since
passage of the Health Care Reform bill indicate it may have been an even bigger deal than I thought.  I think something far deeper than a simple political battle may be going on. I  think we are really seeing a spiritual not a political phenomena, one both disturbing and hopeful. 

The depths of hatred have
become surreal.  I’ve discussed the
and threats of violence,  but the mental degeneration and degradation now showing itself is even more
extraordinary.  For example,  soon after passage of the legislation
the following gems appeared in right wing posts, and they were hardly alone. 

I’ve said it would almost be worth it to miss the rapture just
to see the looks on these satan [sic] lovers when Jesus kicks his butt. The key
word being “almost”.

I do pray it
happens soon. If not then I pray for a nuke to hit D.C. and take them all out.
In fact, I’m at the point of helping the muslims [sic] take it over. Let’s see
how Nancy would lie having to wear a rag over her stretched face.


I know that a
few of their smoking carcasses hanging from a bridge maybe asking too much but
it would be nice.


I spit on
those young one who support this and that includes my own children.

The point of
these quotes is to suggest we are dealing with something that has taken flight
from  humanity.  Something strange is going
on here.  The rage is way way
beyond the provocation – this after all is a health care plan very similar to
one Mitt Romney
,   the current Republican
Presidential front runner supported in Massachusetts.  It is one filled with ideas from conservative think tanks.  Obamacare has much in common with
a proposal from the very conservative Heritage Foundation in 2003.  (Back when American conservatism stood for conservatism and not madness.)  The bill has never
been popular with the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party. 

So if we
simply consider the issues involved the depth of this rage is strange.

The depth of
rage is also strange if we simply consider political maneuvering by self-interested partisans.  Most Americans supported the major
specific parts of the Democrats’ bill, and a significant part of the national
opposition to it came from Americans who did not think it went far enough.  A clear and growing majority of
Americans supports the bill or something going even farther, yet the right-wing continues its frenzied attacks.
Historically appearing to be a bad loser and talking about violence has always
backfired at the national polls.  From a position of wanting to win in 2010,
this outburst is crazy.  Again we are left
to wonder what the heck is going on?

I think it
really does demonstrate the power of the thought forms of Hatred and Rage have assumed in
this country,  Evil in the human
sense is a human creation, born I believe out of ignorance and fear, but once
existing serving as a kind of psychic parasite, growing in strength to the
degree it is fed, withering when it is not. 

The quotes I gave above, and many like them, are evidence of possession far more than of political

Anything that
benefits humanity as a whole, or even a large community as a whole, deprives
these Powers of a fertile environment. 
A community deeply at odds with itself is almost as good as one that has fallen
into civil war.  And there is
always the possibility that it will do so.  Rage and Hatred flourish in such environments, gradually
bringing ever larger numbers under their domination until the psychic infection
burns itself out. And so by having the most infected carriers amp up the rage
and hostility, they still hope Americans may ultimately start warring upon one
another.  These Powers are neither
“right” nor “left.”  They only seek
a psychic environment where they can flourish.

that a majority of Americans can support and achieve something for the good of
the community as a whole, something that lessens the fear in peoples’ lives,
exposes the Rage and Hatred as selfish, ignorant, and self-indulgent –  as in fact it is.  The bill is an initial national
vaccination against these parasites, and they know it.  It is the first real push-back in

The people
most seriously infected lash out in anger, frustration, and disappointment, for
they are deprived of the feeling of invincible self-righteousness that is their
personal pay off for generating such psychic poison. We are seeing a exposure
of a sickness that has penetrated to the core of the ‘conservative’ soul,
exposing itself not as conservative, but as Rage and Hatred.

The Republican
Party and religious right need a good exorcism.  There may be some hope for conservative Evangelicals.  We’ll have to wait and see.


Giving a purely secular analysis, albeit in harmony with this, Frank Rich has a very good column today.

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