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Engage all five senses as you view this weeks images. Imagine seeing them through the eyes of the angels.

Here is a recording of a talk I did Sunday about love, why we love and why releasing judgment is so important. I also spoke about my incredible trip to Peru. Enjoy!

Here are some images of Peru that certainly allow me to connect with my spirit.

These images are from Peru, a place of magic, beauty and great wsoiritual connection. The people live their beliefs and it show in the out pouring of love and the easy way they accept life

I have just returned home from Peru and to say it was an incredible journey doesn’t even begin to describe the journey.

I love the people of Peru. They are so gentle and loving. Enjoy the images and allow yourself to feel the love.

Peru truly is a land of magic and profound connection to the divine. Allow the images to take you to that place of peace within you.