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Here are some little angels I received as gifts in Lithuania. Tune in and allow their love to fill your heart and your mind.

I would love to hear from you. I would love to hear about your angel encounters, your thoughts, your feelings and your suggestions. I know lots of you are reading, I get lots of private e mails and I would […]

By the Baltic Sea in Nida, Lithuania

  Once a year I go to Latvia and Lithuania to teach. I have come to love those two countries.   Latvia VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Lithuania VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL I look forward to sharing more pictures, […]

I had the most amazing birthday

I am currently reading Kathleen McGowan’s The Book of Love. I love to read and when I travel I indulge myself with numerous novels. This time among other’s I read Anne Rice’s two books about the life if Jesus and […]

Lithuaunia is such a beautiful country. Here are some more images for you to meditate with.

Here are some recent pictures from Lithuania. As always allow the pictures to talk to your spirit and allow yourself to go where they take you.

How true, how do you explain a spiritual experience if someone has never had one? What if we think we have never seen or felt or heard an angel?

Prayer and meditation allow us to connect with our spirit, our soul, God and the angels. Here are several photos that I find evoke that feeling