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We are fully into the second week of 40 days to love. How are you doing? Feeling more loved, loving and lovable? Remember this Lent the only thing you are giving up is misery, suffering and fear!

Having an attitude of gratitude One of the most powerful ways to expand our ability to be more loving is to have an attitude of gratitude toward all of life. Gratitude is a very expansive way of looking at life. […]

Sin means to err, to miss the mark When I was 8 or 9 I remember coming home from church one Sunday morning really upset because based on the minister’s sermon I was sure I was going to hell. I […]

Ten simple steps These are ten very simple steps, they are simple but not necessarily easy to remember to do in the moment. As we journey though Lent and the 40 days to love perhaps focus on one step each […]

Let going for Lent A lot of people traditionally give up things for Lent. This year I suggest what you give up is a feeling of separation, self judgment and criticism and exchange them for a profound sense of connection […]

This is day 2 of our 40 days to love. This is an article that I wrote about happiness, definitely one of the gateways to love. Have you gotten your journal yet?What are your thoughts about happiness, love, lent and […]

Seeing life though the eyes of angels Okay, today is day 1 of 40 days to love. It is actually more than 40 days since for some reason the weekends aren’t counted in the days of Lent. I have no […]

Fat Tuesday – It is a traditional day of celebration proceeding Ash Wednesday.