Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Archangel Azrael

posted by Susan Gregg

This is an excerpt from my book The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels:

AzraelAzrael’s name means “he who helps God,” or “messenger.” His duty is to help the God (or gods) of various religions. Azrael will help you release anything blocking your spiritual growth.

He is also the angel of death. His main job is to guide people through the death process. Azrael helps them feel safe and secure as they leave this life behind, taking care they don’t suffer as they are dying. He helps their spirits adjust to life on the other side. Azrael keeps track of every person who is born and then erases their names when they die. It is said that a leaf falls from the throne of God when it is time for a person to die. Azrael has forty days to collect their soul. He also comforts the grieving family, enfolding them with his huge wings and filling them with his love and healing energy. If you call upon him in a time of grief, he will actually absorb the emotional pain of loss so you can be happy again.

Azrael also teaches mankind the difference between truth and illusion. He brings insights and wisdom to all who ask. In the Muslim tradition, he was one of four angels Allah sent to the earth to collect soil so he could create Adam. Though the others failed, he brought back enough earth for Allah to bring Adam to life.


Azrael is often associated with the color purple. You can use a small piece of amethyst when you want to work with him. In times of grief allow him to enfold you with his wings and comfort you. Ask for his assistance when you feel blocked in your personal life. An effective way to call upon him is to light a small white candle, call out his name and ask for his assistance.

Azrael can assist you with:

Death and dying
Removing blocks from your spiritual path
Hearing the guidance of your spirit

Calling the angels into your home

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Kathy

    Is there a different angel to work with when you are grieving non-human family members, or will Azrael work with any kind of grief? In the past 12 months I have lost 2 canine and 1 human family member(s). Despite my strong spiritual beliefs I find this layering of grief difficult.

  • Susan Gregg

    Aloha Kathy,

    Azrael is a great comfort and very loving. Cry, rant, rave, write letters, and do whatever you need to do to let go of the grief so the love can return.

    You will be in my prayers,

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment KerryAnn

    Imagine my surprise to experience my first crossing of the rainbow bridge to the light awaiting me and asking my guardian Angel to give me his name.
    Azriel (my spelling) is the name that came to me- over and over..
    I have been so deep in grief. I’ve been searching for my path. I’m not sure I understand, but choose to believe this angel came to me for a reason and I will call upon him again as I continue my journey,
    Mahalo nui loa

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Lindsey


    The funny thing is that that is exactley what I get every single time I asked my Guardian Angel their name as well. I was told over and over that my Guardian Angels name was Azriel and that the spelling was the exact same way as if I needed to know the correct spelling lol. The only other way I would understand his name is to be spelled this way Azariel. Thats how I said his name at first so these two ways stuck with me!!! Lol, I have struggled my whole life to let things go I went through ALOT as a person and Ironically enough Azriel is my Guardian Angel as well.

    I find it upsetting though to know that Azriel is looked at in two different ways either good or bad??? I know him as I’m sure you do and we both realize that he has one of the most powerful roles God could possibly offer. I believe that he diserves much more credit than he has been given. I know for a fact that he does great things instead of bad. This is my list of all the things that Azriel is in control of.

    He helps those who have died inside/can’t move on

    He helps those who have Loved ones who died- The Grieving process

    He helps people make peace with God

    God Gives Azriel charge over who is to go to heaven verses hell etc.

    He is in the 3rd house which makes him one of the highest ranking Arch Angels Very close to GOD

    He makes people reap what they sow which makes sense for me because I really dislike nasty bad people

    He can go from Heaven to Earth, which I thought was a given?

    Helps people cross over to Heaven safely

    He helps people relieve spiritual blocks so that they can continue to grow

    He shows the differences between illusion and truth, which at times I have needed myself because I hate dealing with life at times and always hoped that Earth was more like Heaven

    He takes away all of your emotional pain etc. That alone diserves so much respect!!!

    I thought it funny that the spelling thing came to you like how it had come to me lol.



    I have channelled Azrael in circle on a number of occasions. I had no idea who he was and have only just discovered who he is (this evening). I though at first he said his name was Azikiel as that was the only angel name I had heard of.but it clearly was Azrael. The other people in the circle were pretty shocked as my eyes went black and I seemed to grow about a foot taller. He opened my eyes and looked into the souls of the other sitters which freaked them out and terrified some. Internally the build up was phenomenal, I knew this was an ancient and highly evolved being with immense power, my arms and upper body was physically vibrating with the energy and his voice was so powerful the walls shook.
    I have worked against the dark side helping people rid negative energies from their homes and now know why I have been fortunate enough to feel calm and protected even when things have been flying around the room.
    Thanks for reading

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