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This is an excerpt from my book The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels:


Archangel Michael

MichaelArchangel Michael is referred to as the greatest of all angels. His name signifies “He who is like God.” He is a perfect manifestation of God’s mercy and was put in charge of nature including the rain, snow, wind, thunder, lightening and clouds. Michael is the archangel of protection and the patron saint of policemen. He facilitates patience, lends courage, helps with career ambitions and lends motivation to help you accomplish all of life’s tasks.

As soon as you invite Michael into your life you will feel his love and protection. Michael is often pictured holding a sword representing courage and his ability to conquer or overcome any obstacle. With his sword he will gladly remove any problem in your path, so call upon him when you feel challenged or stymied. He is enthusiastic, full of energy and will readily take up any task set before him .

It is said the Archangel Michael appeared to Moses as the fire in the burning bush, that he rescued Daniel from the lions’ den and informed Mary of her approaching death. Both Gabriel and Michael visited the Prophet Muhammad to teach him of peace. Michael is God’s messenger of love, hope, peace, joy, wisdom and grace. He loves to help anyone who reaches out to him. He helps people to overcome their hopelessness and to easily manifest their deepest dreams.


The colors usually associated with Archangel Michael are green and red. He is very easy going, so you don’t really have to do anything special to call upon him other than to ask for his help. Since Michael usually has a sword you can write your request on a piece of paper, cut it up into small pieces and then burn it.

Michael will assist you with:

Loving yourself
Having the courage of your convictions
Finding your life’s purpose
Improving all of your relationships
Finding a career that makes your heart sing
Living your life fully and passionately

Calling the angels into your home

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

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