Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

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Praying for Strangers

posted by Susan Gregg

I was asked to read this book before it was published. It is wonderful, very heartwarming and all about love, giving and the gifts we receive by giving. What a prefect fit for our 40 days to love. River Jordon […]

Call for prayers for Japan from Masaru Emoto

posted by Susan Gregg

Masaru Emoto is the Messenger of Water. He has worked with water and the healing power of prayer.  The pictures he has taken of water molecules are beautiful. He has sent this letter to the world. Name of ceremony: “Let’s […]

Wordless Wednesday: Love, loving, lovable

posted by Susan Gregg

We are on the third week of 40 days to love. These are images that can conjure up the emotion of love. Sit with them for a few minutes, notice how you feel and how they change your inner dialog. […]

What is your love quotient?

posted by Susan Gregg

I have chosen to focus this blog on love during this season of Lent. I was wondering how you are doing? Angels are messengers of the divine. messengers of God so they are messengers of love. If we learn to […]

Angels always show up just in time

posted by Susan Gregg

Opening your heart to love Whenever you need help angels are always there. Sometimes we won’t open our hearts to that help. The sad part is we don’t even realize we aren’t open to the help. Love is such a […]

Fearless Friday: top ten fears and how to overcome them

posted by Susan Gregg

Top Ten Fears When I asked my readers what areas of their life they had the most concerns about, the top ten were: economy relationships romance jobs health spiritual connection prayer and meditation retirement personal happiness finding their life’s purpose

Making a love box

posted by Susan Gregg

Finding love Years ago when I first began my spiritual explorations some one suggested I make a prayer box. I found it a very powerful practice. Since then I have made angel boxes, abundance boxes and now a love box. […]

Love in the moment

posted by Susan Gregg

A friend sent me this email. I really liked the message and it certainly fits right in with our 40 days to love Lent series. What if there isn’t “anymore”? One day a woman’s husband died, and on that clear, […]

Wordless Wednesday: prayers for Japan

posted by Susan Gregg

A lot has already happened in this 40 days to love. A friend sent me this wonderful video made by the Hopi elders. I also found this video about prayers for miracles and love that I thought you might enjoy. […]

40 Days to Love – Monday

posted by Susan Gregg

Well,  this would have been the Monday post but Beliefnet was changing over the blogs to WordPress so it is a bit late. Definition of love This week your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to ask at […]

The gift of love

posted by Susan Gregg

Watch this amazing video of a man loving others. Love in action Narayanan Krishnan gave up a career as a chef to feed the homeless three meals a day in Madurai, India. With love and aloha, Susan Angels are everywhere […]

Fearless Friday: Lent with only love

posted by Susan Gregg

Angel of love A while ago I shared the story of three little angels, only one could be chosen to enter the home. When the woman chose love all the angels came in. When she asked why the angels replied, […]

Loving life: is EVERYTHING really perfect?

posted by Susan Gregg

Japan tsunami and earthquake – it’s all perfect???? I was watching the news last night and they showed an image of an old woman and a rescue worker in the midst of the rumble praying. Then they showed an injured […]

Wordless Wednesday: love love love

posted by Susan Gregg

We are fully into the second week of 40 days to love. How are you doing? Feeling more loved, loving and lovable? Remember this Lent the only thing you are giving up is misery, suffering and fear!

Gratitude lists: another step toward love

posted by Susan Gregg

Having an attitude of gratitude One of the most powerful ways to expand our ability to be more loving is to have an attitude of gratitude toward all of life. Gratitude is a very expansive way of looking at life. […]

40 days to love: God and Dog song

posted by Susan Gregg

Someone e mailed me an article about this song. The other day I was noticing one of my dogs eyes, how pretty and full of love they were. I hadn’t really noticed that before, the absolute devotion and love. Imagine […]

Tsunami report from the Big Island of Hawaii

posted by Susan Gregg

Earthquakes, tsunamis and lots of phone calls What a busy 24 hours it has been, to say the least. The water is still rocking and rolling in the harbors, I understand there are houses floating in the bay on the […]

Fearless Friday: Lent without the sin factor

posted by Susan Gregg

Sin means to err, to miss the mark When I was 8 or 9 I remember coming home from church one Sunday morning really upset because based on the minister’s sermon I was sure I was going to hell. I […]

Ten simple steps to finding Happiness, Freedom and Joy

posted by Susan Gregg

Ten simple steps These are ten very simple steps, they are simple but not necessarily easy to remember to do in the moment. As we journey though Lent and the 40 days to love perhaps focus on one step each […]

Wordless Wednesday: Lent 40 days to love

posted by Susan Gregg

Let going for Lent A lot of people traditionally give up things for Lent. This year I suggest what you give up is a feeling of separation, self judgment and criticism and exchange them for a profound sense of connection […]

Happiness is

posted by Susan Gregg

This is day 2 of our 40 days to love. This is an article that I wrote about happiness, definitely one of the gateways to love. Have you gotten your journal yet?What are your thoughts about happiness, love, lent and […]

40 days to love

posted by Susan Gregg

Seeing life though the eyes of angels Okay, today is day 1 of 40 days to love. It is actually more than 40 days since for some reason the weekends aren’t counted in the days of Lent. I have no […]

Fearless Friday: happiness is

posted by Susan Gregg

Monday we start our 40 days commitment to our spiritual connection so I thought we could jump start it with a look at happiness.Happiness is …. Happiness really is just a thought away but at times it sure doesn’t seem […]

Angel of positivity

posted by Susan Gregg

My mind is filled with positive thoughts that nourish and heal your life. What do positive thoughts mean to/for you? When you are in a bad mood being positive is important but often hard to do. Positive affirmations are of […]

Wordless Wednesday: Ash Wednesday

posted by Susan Gregg

A Journey into Love Are you willing to dedicate the next 40 days to deepening your connection to your spirit regardless of your religious affiliation? I will share meditation tips, angelic offerings and exercises to help you bring the passion, […]

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