Angels on Your Shoulder
January 2011 Archives

The angel for today is the angel of wisdom. One of my most challenging times as a spiritual student was when I was told I had a lot of knowledge and I needed to change that knowledge into wisdom. I […]

What a wonderful way to start the day, with an angel. For many years I have started my day by meditating. It certainly makes a difference in the way I feel and how my day goes. I recently ran across […]

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heal that has crushed it.” – Mark Twain Today isn’t just a day off it is a day to commit random acts of kindness. What could you do to improve […]

The corporation for National and Community Services encourages Americans to mark the 25th Anniversary of the federal Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday to honor and commemorate Dr. King’s legacy to service by committing to 25 acts of service (that’s […]

I was shocked to find out that John Dye, who played Andrew on Touched by an Angel died at his San Francisco home on Monday (Jan. 10) following a heart attack. His family kept news of his death private while […]

Today I pulled an angel card and it was actually two angels, the angle of trust and faith. It is odd how some days they come out two at a time. As I read them it makes total sense.

Some pictures of things that I love. Sit with them and allow them to fill you with love as well.

Someone sent me this e mail and I loved it, especially since I am about to take a group of people to Baja to spend time with the whales. The story touched my heart. I hope you enjoy it too. […]

A lot of people are experiencing a lot of stress in their lives right now. Financial fear runs rampant, there is a lot of violence out there and baby boomers are aging (actually we all are). So what do you […]

Today I decided not to pull an angel card and instead just call on the angel I most need, the angel of the internet. I live in a rural part of the big Island of Hawaii. I can’t get DSL, […]