Angels on Your Shoulder
December 2010 Archives

In February I am take a group of people to spend time with the whales in Baja, Mexico. I have a few spaces available and I would like to invite you to spend time with me and the majestic Grey […]

As part of my ongoing saga of construction project yesterday they were supposed to move my internet. Well they removed it and I am still waiting to find out when they plan on reinstalling it. Hence my Tuesday post is […]

I pulled the Angel of courage card today. The subtitle is “My heart is open and full of courage.” The card goes on to say, “To be courageous is to know that fear offers no resistance to Love.” How true, […]

The best way I know to handle fear is by celebrating what is on a regular basis unless what is includes a fast moving truck then MOVE

“My outer life reflects my inner order.”

I found Tokyo fascinating. There were parks everywhere and I could really feel the spirit of the land and the ancestors. Enjoy!

I love Doreen Virtue’s book Archangels 101. Zadkiel is also one of my favorite angels. He focuses on forgiveness and memory so you can heal any emotional pain from the past. People so often ask me how to connect with […]

No matter what the question love is always the answer and prayers never fail to do the trick if we are willing and open to receive.

Today is Human Rights Day. The United Nations first declared today Human Rights day in 1948. Good thing I am not one to keep score or judge most of the time. There are times I just can’t help myself, like […]

I love listening to music and here in another of my favorite by Enya. Close  your eyes and here the angels singing in your life about your life. With love and aloha,Susan Angels are everywhere just open your mind and […]