Angels on Your Shoulder

Here is the second part of the interview. Her book goes on sale today, get a copy I am sure you will enjoy it!

What would you tell people about their own personal adventure with fairies, gnomes and angels?

I would tell them that there is no set way to reach the fae. We each have our own paths that lead into the world of spirit, and the most important things can seem like the simplest. Be kind. Be open-minded. Be respectful of humans, animals, and the natural world. If you begin in that place, your journey, wherever it may take you, will be a rich and fulfilling one. Angels I don’t have any experience with yet, though I believe there are “faeries” in what we would call the angelic realm – I believe there is more crossover than we currently imagine.

Many authors I’ve read say that you shouldn’t bring your very human grief, sorrow, sadness, anger, or other emotions into the realm of faery. I completely disagree. Of course nobody, faery or non, wants to be your emotional waste receptacle. But when we take the approach of saying, “Please, I would like your help, your guidance. I so badly want to make a change,” with good intent, that makes all the difference. Just like a friend will volunteer to stand beside you in a time of need, someone from the faery realm will always be willing to step forward and help you find your way.

They are beings filled with not only ancient wisdom, but also incredible
amounts of love and light that call the faery world home. And if you
approach the faery realm with a deep, honest, and open heart, they will
reach out for your outstretched hand. If you learn how to listen, they
will show you, and all your broken pieces, how to heal. After all, we
can’t begin to heal the planet before we have undertaken the journey to
heal ourselves – we are a part of the planet, and so it has to begin
with us. When we can learn how to shine, we spread that light everywhere
– I hope the faeries are teaching me, on a daily basis, how to do this.

What sort of reaction did your neighbors, friends and family have to your book?

You’d think people would have a hard time with the fact that I wanted to
go on an adventure to try and prove the existence of faeries. But the
fact of the matter was, my family and friends (and neighbors) have been
nothing but fascinated, and supportive. I think it helps that I’m an
intelligent, questioning sort of person. I’m not anti-religion, or
anti-God, or anti-anything that has good intentions. I’m respectful and
open to exploring all avenues of spirituality. But for me, because I was
having such a crisis of faith, I needed a different way in – God,
angels, and life after death just weren’t cutting it for me. I explained
that to people. I’ve talked about my book at beach parties, news
stations, in pubs, in youth hostels, in my neighbor’s garage, on a bus
in Ireland – you get the point. And because of my attitude toward
belief, and exploration, which was laid back, kind, open, and matter of
fact, people responded to me in the same way. I often explained that if I
could believe in faeries, I could believe that there are many things
beyond human perception that may exist. Also, I was able to present a
very logical, well researched, and historical basis for why I wanted to
undertake my journey.

Most importantly, there wasn’t much room for disagreement. I don’t allow
other people to make demands on me and my beliefs. That’s not their
property – I belong to myself, and I’m very protective of that. But I’m
also laid back about it; I would never presume to tell you what feels
right to you, and what you should believe! I know that not everyone is
going to read my book and come away with a belief in faeries. My eyes
were open to that all along. So that couldn’t be and wasn’t my focus –
my focus was on my own journey, my own experiences as a thoughtful
person, and now they get to decide what they want to make of it.

Any sage words or advice for my readers?

An interest in the faerie world is a process just like everything else.
Understanding and connecting with their world is a spiritual pursuit,
and one that I’ve discovered requires a lot of house cleaning. There’s a
lot of inner nonsense that gets in the way – self esteem, negative
memories and emotions, self-blame, regret – all that nasty stuff clogs
the motorways to the spiritual world – not because of them, but because
of us, and our weird neurosis. Fear — fear is a big one I work to
overcome on a daily basis. I work each day at being the best, kindest
person I can be, but some days I fail. Sometimes I feel like I can’t
connect. Sometimes I am grumpy and moody, and imagine terrible things
happening to meter maids. Sometimes, even after all I’ve experienced, I
still have days when I’m not really sure what I believe. I tend to be
skeptical of people who tell me, “THIS is what faeries are.” Or “This is
what God is.” Or, “My religion is the only one.” Seriously? The truth
is, no one can really know how things are until we die, and hopefully
get our long awaited glimpse at the wizard behind the curtain. So
instead, we have to tune in to our own intuition, and when encounter a
new idea, consider, “Does this feel right to me?”

It’s normal to question – in fact, unless we question, I don’t think we
can ever truly believe. So don’t be afraid to ask (in good humor) for
proof, signs, or communication. If you’re coming from a good-hearted
place, you’ll probably get it. You only have to learn to open your eyes
to be able to recognize the spirit world when it is dancing up and down
right in front of you.

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

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