Angels on Your Shoulder

I send out daily quotes. Someone just sent me an email thanking me for this one and left the message attached. Given the comments about my post the other day about the mosque I thought it was appropriate to share.

Often when I talk to people or watch the news the name of the game seems to be the blame game. I am angry because you did this. The world is unsafe because they did this. The economy is going up or down because they did this.

Life is, we tell ourselves a story and then we have an experience all by ourselves. There is no one to blame for any of it, including ourselves. When we blame anyone or anything it simple gives us an excuse to stay the same. When we own all of our creations we empower ourselves to be and do anything. Blame abdicates our power, taking responsibility empowers us.

Next time you want to blame yourself or someone or something ask yourself, “What do I want to experience next? What do I want to invite into my life right now?” Then choose accordingly.

With love and aloha,

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