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Angels on Your Shoulder

Interview with Doreen Virtue: the oil spill

This is the last part of my interview with Doreen Virtue. What a
wonderful opportunity that was for me. Hope you enjoy the last of the

Susan:  Any thoughts about the oil spill and all the  stuff that is going on?

Doreen Virtue:  The angles showed me that the oil spill was an
opportunity for us to speed up our getting off of fossil fuels. They
tightened the Icelandic volcano also because they said that that needed
to show Europe it’s outmoded means of transportation.

The message I’m getting is that light workers can be peaceful activists.  We must be peaceful activists but we must get rid of our passivity and apathy.  I know too many light workers who will not watch or listen to the news because it upsets them. That’s true the news is filled with a lot of misinformation.  This week I went to a council meeting and there were a lot of light workers there.  I was very heartened.  I want to see light workers become activists again. I want to see us use petitions, picket signs, speaking at meetings, write letters to the editor, making our voices heard and that includes demanding that we get off fossil fuels and letting Obama know that the environment is the top issue.

The whole oil spill in the Gulf a lot of those beings sacrificed their own lives… I’m talking about the whales and dolphins and the turtles and even the men on the oil well, let’s make it purposeful, let’s not make that a waste. We can’t be silent any more.

Susan:  Yeah.  I mean, I very clearly got the message a while ago.  My dad passed about a year-and-a-half ago and I bought solar electric panels for my roof so that I’m, you know…

Susan:  You mean go greener?

Doreen Virtue:  Yes. We’ve got to be recycling, we have to spend the money on eco-friendly, clean supplies, and it’s just take steps to take care of the environment.

Susan:  I was really fortunate; my uncle, when I was… I don’t know, fourteen or fifteen… back in the ’60s.  He gave me a copy of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring.” It had a huge impact on me.

Susan:  Okay.  Which is your favorite book of all of the books you’ve written?

Doreen Virtue:  “Solomon’s Angels.”

Susan:  Okay.  Why?

Doreen Virtue:  Well, again, I’m just completely in love with that era of Kind David and King Solomon, and I really relate to the Queen of Sheba’s whole story of coming to terms with her own spiritual beliefs.  She, of course, you know, believed in the goddess at a time when she was with Kind Solomon, when that was considered illegal and so standing up for your own beliefs.  And also, I’ve always been an admirer of women who walk the line of being very feminine and powerful at the same time.  That has always been my archetype because too many powerful women, I fend intimidating and frightening, and I never want to scare anybody.  I want to be warm and cuddly and yet, powerful at the same time.

Susan:  What does a normal day look like to you?

Doreen Virtue:  I wake up in the morning, feed my cat, feed my birds, these are the wild birds, and begin writing.  And every day, I film a reading on You Tube. I channel the angels every single day for myself, personally, and other people write every day, exercise every day.  I’m lucky because I live in Hawaii. I’ve got an outdoor office, so I’m outdoors. I’ve learned, finally, how to balance all that with having a personal life. I had to separate my personal and my professional life but now that I only have loving people in my life my personal and professional life blend together.

Susan:  Do you have any suggestions or something that you’d like to say like “Readers, listeners, listen up to this”?

Doreen Virtue:  A lot of my work is helping people to find their own life’s purpose and then follow it. I find that when people are not working on their life’s purpose there is a sense of emptiness and anxiety.

So there are two parts to this: one is finding your life purpose. Talk to Arch Angel Michael.  He is the loudest and the clearest of all the Arch Angels and he knows your life’s purpose; he is a record keeper of our souls’ contracts and our Akashic records.

You can talk to him silently before you’re falling asleep and ask him, “What is my life’s purpose, what is the next step to take?” A wonderful question to ask him is, “What changes would you like to see me make?” and then ask him to help you to have the courage to make those changes. 

The second part of that is once you get messages about your life’s purpose you should take action steps.  I’m really big on taking action.  Too many light workers are stewing in their own juices and waiting for someone to tap them on the shoulder and say, “Go.” So the metaphor I use is: if you went to a friend’s house because he is having a party you would most likely say, “How can I help?” right?

Then our friend would say “Here, take these dishes, please, and put them out on the table.” It’s exactly the same way with our life’s purpose.  Too many light workers are making it all ego and personal. It’s really just very similar to God saying, “Put these plates on the table just help and don’t make it personal.  If you’re being asked to do something you are qualified.  God and the angels know what you can do. 

Don’t look too far in the future, don’t worry about how you’re going to have enough time or enough money or enough smarts; the “how?” is up to God.  Just put your whole focus on this moment, doing this baby step at this moment; and then once you finish that one, they’ll give you the next assignment and so on and so forth.

Susan: Thank you so much, what a pleasure it has been taking with you.

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

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