Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels, mosque at ground zero and 9/11

posted by Susan Gregg

What do angels, mosque at ground zero and 9/11have in common? From the comments and e mails I have been getting very few people chose to look at the issue through the eyes of the angels, nor have they asked the angels how else they can see these events.

It was interesting to me. I actually found myself getting rather upset with people’s judgments and of course that meant I was judging them for judging! I view every event in life as opportunity to either deepen my connection to my filter system or to deepen my connection to my spirit. My emotions are a clear indication which direction I am going. Joy, love, acceptance indicate I am getting closer to my spirit. Fear, judgment and anger show me I am reinforcing my limiting beliefs and deepening my connection to my filer system.

We as human beings have missed so many opportunities to profoundly change ourselves and the world. Whenever we point a finger of judgment or blame at someone or something there are three fingers pointing back at us, yet we keep trying to blame out there.

At the end of World War II we had an awesome opportunity to collectively, as a species ask ourselves what environment made that war possible. Instead of asking what created such prejudice and hatred that Hitler was able to come to power instead we perpetuated judgment. When 9/11 happened we did the same thing. Instead of saying, ‘um look at the world judgment creates’ we decided to resort to violence and perpetuate judgment.

We will never ever create peace with violence, NEVER. By reaching out with love we could change the world. Instead of Christians against Muslims we could learn to honor each other’s beliefs and extend love instead of judgment. That is what angels would do.

Perhaps we could learn to worship together rather than create enemies with our judgment. What a concept create friends instead of enemies!

I was once going to write a book called Irreconcilable Similarities. If we look long enough we will find the similarities, see they are clouded by our judgment and then we can create cooperation and peace.

But no, it would seem we would rather be right than be happy, almost every time. Our judgment is responsible for 9/11, after all that is what created the terrorists in the first place.

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

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  • rick

    Tell that to the Muslims !!!!!!!!

  • Jan

    With all due respect, I believe you under estimate the hatred most Muslims harbor for Americans. Even if we extend our hand in love, they take it as an opportunity to cut off our hand in the name of their god. Sure, there are some genuine Muslims who live in peace but I question the placement of this Muslim worship center being so close to the holy ground where so many perished without reason and at their hands for the honor of their god.

  • Sharon

    I agree with Jan. I don’t think we could trust that all people of the Muslim Faith would be inclined to love the “Infidels” ( Their word, not mine).There are radicals on both sides that would never come to an agreement to live in Peace, that is just being realistic.
    I do wonder how many of the souls from Ground Zero will be visiting their place of worship and penetrating their beliefs, to help them realize what a horrible thing they did though.

  • Jerry

    I am actually appalled and offended by your remark that our judgement is responsible for 9/11. The terrorists are responsible. It is not we, the American people that are declaring war on the muslims, it is our government that divides us and the last I checked, our government does whatever it wants, AGAINST the will of the people. Perhaps it was you that flew the planes into the Twin Towers. Ridiculous and absurd, right? Please, let’s deal in facts and truth, your rhetoric is not cutting it with those that love America.
    This is about building a mosque on a holy ground. Many innocent lives were lost on 9/11. Not all muslims are terrorist, but most terrorist are muslims. It is a slap in the face to build a mosque at ground zero, you know that as well as anyone. Please don’t speak of angels while you seem to have a sympathetic passion for those that want to kill Americans. I am deeply saddened by your article and will cancel my subscription to Beliefnet. I am an American citizen, proud of my country and will fight for and defend my freedoms until my last breath.
    Jerry C. Kinman

  • Susan

    I am deeply saddened by all your comments, deeply. As long as people believe in judgment there will be war. As long as people believe in an eye for an eye the world will continue to be blind to the power of love and forgiveness.
    Why do you suppose some Muslims hate anyway? Could it have anything to do with centuries of hatred projected at them, the Crusades perhaps or their own belief in the fact that they are right and we are wrong?
    My country, my religion, my ethnic group, my gender, my rights – perhaps some day we will remember we are all one but today doesn’t seem like the day that love will rule.
    With love and a lot of saddness,

  • Hair Cuts

    Thank you very much for that astonishing article

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